BOCCARA ART Galleries - global network of Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Galleries and exhibition spaces, dedicated to discovering and showcasing talents in Modern and Contemporary art.

Our network of BOCCARA ART Galleries and art representatives spans 8 cities in 3 continents. We have galleries in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Monterrey (Mexico) and Moscow, with representatives in Chicago, Monaco and Seoul.

BOCCARA ART's main office, also serving as an exhibition space, is located in central Manhattan at 130 West 56th Street.

The BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery is situated at 1605 Northeast 2nd Avenue, between Wynwood District and 1 Herald Plaza - home to the famous Art Miami, Art Wynwood and Miami Yacht Shows. The Gallery features an impressive art collection and hosts events regularly within it's space.

The BOCCARA ART Los Angeles Gallery is located in South Brea, California, at 598 South Brea Lofts, Brea.

The BOCCARA ART Mexico Gallery, specializing in Latin American and Asian art, is located in one of the most vibrant areas of Monterrey at Gral Vincent Guerrero 142-A, Casco Urbano at the center of San Pedro Garza Garcia.

The BOCCARA ART Moscow Gallery was recently opened in a historical building on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street 8, with permanent exhibition space in Cube.Moscow, Tverskaya Street 3, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow.

With its museum-like quality, BOCCARA ART Galleries highlight an important collection of historically influential artists, while simultaneously dedicating its spaces to emerging artists as well.

Since 2007, under direction of it's current owner Liubov Belousova, BOCCARA ART Galleries invested significantly in engaging the local art scenes where BOCCARA ART had a presence. For this reason, every gallery of the group was encouraged to source artists locally and share their work with the other branches.

A separate departmet - BOCCARA FINE ART - is dedicated to working solely with high-end private collections, and the BOCCARA ART & DESIGN department is our one-stop shop for exclusive decorative objects and high-end modern furniture by renowned American & European designers. Through our state-of-the-art online store and gallery showroom, we simplify the process of discovering unique furniture and decor pieces to add that special touch to any space.

BOCCARA ART Galleries provide a variety of virtual art experiences such as virtual gallery tours and virtual exhibitions which are freely accessible online. Our latest virtual art programme is the 'Everything & Art' talk series set to début in January 2021 which will feature artists, culture influencers and industry experts in intimate and far-ranging conversation with our Art Director, Agata Gotova.

In addition to the extensive and varied curated programme of exhibitions held within our galleries and exhibition spaces, BOCCARA ART participates in over 12 major international Art Fairs each year, including Art Miami, Asia Week New York, Art New York, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Art Palm Beach, Art Boca Raton, LA Art Show, SOFA Chicago, ZonaMaco Mexico City, ESTRE Arte Uruguay, PArC Peru Art Contemporaneo, KIAF Seoul, Fine Art Asia Hong Kong, Art Shanghai and more.

BOCCARA ART Galleries是一个由现代和当代美术畫廊和展览空间组成的全球网络,展示了20世纪和21世纪的知名艺术家的作品。

如今,BOCCARA ART Galleries 開设在纽约﹑布鲁克林和墨西哥蒙特雷,而在首尔﹑香港和伦敦设有多个展览空間。

BOCCARA ART总部辦公室位于纽约市曼哈顿中心56街130号的,同時也是一个展览空间。位于纽约布鲁克林区的第24街198号的画廊距离曼哈顿下城仅有几分钟路程,画廊拥有令人印象深刻的两层展览空间,面积近500平方米(5,300平方英尺)。

BOCCARA ART Miami画廊位于第二大道东北1605号,在Wynwood区和1 Herald Plaza之间,即是著名的Art Miami,Art Wynwood和Miami Yacht Shows的所在地。

墨西哥BOCCARA艺术画廊位于蒙特雷的San Pedro Garza Garcia中心,专營拉丁美洲和亚洲艺术。

凭借其博物馆般的品质,BOCCARA ART Galleries重点展示了一系列具有历史影响力的艺术家的作品,同时也将其空间給予新兴艺术家發揮所長。

自2007年以来,在Liubov Belousova,BOCCARA ART投入了大量精力参与當地的艺术活动。因此,每个画廊在本地發掘當地艺术家并与其他分支机构分享他们的作品。

除了画廊和展览空间中广泛而多样的展览之外, BOCCARA ART画廊每年参加至少15个国际艺术博览会 - 从纽约﹑迈阿密和乌拉圭到首尔,香港和上海


HYUN AE KANG - Solo Show in Monaco

BOCCARA ART Galleries and ACCADEMIA Fine Art & Auction House Monte-Carlo, are thrilled to present Hyun Ae Kang's solo show in Monaco, September 10 - December 20, 2020. Hyun is an important Korean Artist. She represents 2nd Generation of Korean DANSAEKHWA - “monochrome painting” – a style of abstract painting that arose during the second half of the 1970s, combining Korean aesthetics and Far Eastern philosophy with Western modernist practice. Exhibition will take place at ACCADEMIA Fine Art Gallery: 27 Boulevard de Moulins, Monte-Carlo, 98000

BOCCARA ART at Miami Art City 2020

While Art Miami live show will not take place this December, BOCCARA ART is happy to participate in the inaugural virtual fair - MIAMI ART CITY Online Acquisition Rooms - which is a unique online interactive platform that utilizes proprietary technology to replicate the art fair experience in a virtual art fair community. The event will go live on Tuesday, December 1st at 11 am EST for the VIP Preview , and open to the public Dec 2-20. CLICK TO DISCOVER OUR BOOTH


BOCCARA ART announces the December launch of their new virtual art series titled 'Everything & Art', which showcases artists and art influencers in intimate and far-ranging conversation like never before. It has been developed by founder and CEO, Liubov Belousova, to create a forum for art lovers to reconnect with the art and artists they love. The series also comes at a time when art collectors and lovers are receptive to new, technology-driven art experiences as a result of the disruptions to the traditional art calendar due to covid-19 restrictions. Set in BOCCARA ART’s beautiful Miami gallery and filmed in front of an audience of guests, the new series will be hosted by the gallery's Art Director, Agata Gotova.


BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery, in collaboration with OBLONG Contemporary Gallery Dubai, presents exhibition of Antonio Nocera - Italian painter and sculptor, born in Caivano (Naples) in 1949. Antonio is currently engaged in the creation of a new cycle of works dedicated to butterflies, as a symbol of freedom and spiritual change. Works will be on view at BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery starting from March 2021.

BOCCARA ART at The Russian Antique Salon, Contemporary Art Section

Russian Antique Salon, ranked as the largest art exhibition in Russia, launches it's new Contemporary Art Section. April 2021, the Gostiny Dvor in Moscow will host 46th Russian Antique Salon. Leading galleries will present museum-quality works: Old Master Paintings, Jewelry and Contemporary Art. The breadth of offer and high quality of exhibits provide a constant interest from connoisseurs and collectors. As usual, organizer pays due attention to the overall design of the exhibition, as well as to the educational policies, through which Russian Antique Salon confidently takes its honorary place in the calendar of artistic and social life of Moscow.

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