BOCCARA ART is a global network of Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Galleries and exhibition spaces, presenting work by established artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Today BOCCARA ART Galleries are located in New York, Brooklyn and Monterrey, with several locations in Miami, Chicago, Seoul, Hong Kong and London (BOCCARA FINE ART).

BOCCARA ART Incorporation head office resides in Central Manhattan, at 130 West 56th Street, New York, which also serves as an exhibition space, and BOCCARA ART Brooklyn Gallery is minutes away from lower Manhattan, at 198 24th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Gallery features an impressive two-floor exhibition space spanning nearly 500m2 (5,300ft2).

BOCCARA ART Mexico Gallery is located in the center of San Pedro Garza Garcia, a most prestigeous and vibrant area of Monterrey, and specializes in Latin American and Asian art.

With its museum-like quality, BOCCARA ART Galleries highlight an important collection of historically influential artists, while simultaneously dedicating its spaces to emerging artists as well.

BOCCARA ART Galleries participate in over 15 major International Art Fairs each year, from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay to Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

BOCCARA ART Galleries是一个由现代和当代美术馆和展览空间组成的全球网络,展示了20世纪和21世纪的知名艺术家的作品。

如今,BOCCARA ART Galleries总部设在纽约,布鲁克林和蒙特雷,在首尔,香港和伦敦设有多个办事处(BOCCARA FINE ART)。


墨西哥BOCCARA艺术画廊位于蒙特雷的San Pedro Garza Garcia中心,专门研究拉丁美洲和亚洲艺术.

凭借其博物馆般的品质,BOCCARA ART Galleries重点展示了一系列具有历史影响力的艺术家,同时也将其空间用于新兴艺术家。