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BOCCARA ART Galleries - a global network of Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Galleries and exhibition spaces, dedicated discovering and showcasing talents in the Modern and Contemporary art world. In museum quality presentation style, we showcase an important collection of historically influential and emerging artists with wide international diversity.

BOCCARA ART Palm Beach galleries are complementing the list of corporations settling down in Florida and contributing to it's unprecedented cultural and economic development. In early 2022 BOCCARA ART Miami and BOCCARA ART New York Galleries relocated to Palm Beach. Following it's major clients to Palm Beach was an extraordinary movement in the history of the BOCCARA ART Galleries.

Today the main gallery - BOCCARA ART Palm Beach - is located in the heart of Palm Beach Island - at 139 N County Rd, #14, Palm Beach, Florida.

The BOCCARA ART Los Angeles Gallery, specialising in South Korean art, is located in South Brea, California, at 598 South Brea Lofts, Brea, CA, USA.

BOCCARA ART is one of the first art galleries to open an innovative online platform under the name of "BOCCARA ART Mars Gallery" . Platform was launched in July 2021.

Since 2007, under direction of it's current owner LIUBOV BELOUSOVA, BOCCARA ART Galleries invested significantly in engaging the local art scenes. We encourage each of our galleries to source artists locally and offer them a worldwide visibility.

BOCCARA ART Galleries provide a variety of virtual art experiences such as virtual gallery tours and virtual exhibitions which are freely accessible online.

In addition to the extensive and varied curated program of exhibitions held within our galleries, we continue to establish museum partnerships and scouting representatives in major cities. In 2020 we established a collaboration with Neiman Marcus Group and Bergdorf Goodman with online sales platforms and a rotation of exhibitions that travel throughout the United States. BOCCARA ART Galleries participates in over 12 major international Art Fairs each year, including Art Miami, Asia Week New York, Art New York, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Fine Art Hamptons, LA Art Show, SOFA Chicago, ZonaMaco Mexico City, ESTRE Arte Uruguay, PArC Peru Art Contemporaneo, KIAF Seoul, Fine Art Asia Hong Kong, Art Shanghai and more.

BOCCARA ART Galleries是一个由现代和当代美术畫廊和展览空间组成的全球网络,展示了20世纪和21世纪的知名艺术家的作品。

多年来,BOCCARA ART 的主要办公室也作为展览空间,位于曼哈顿中城西 56 街 130 号。 2022 年,它搬迁到佛罗里达州,关闭了纽约和迈阿密画廊,并在棕榈滩开设了 2 个新空间。

今天我们在棕榈滩和洛杉矶有活跃的画廊,在芝加哥和摩纳哥都有代表和首尔。 BOCCARA Art 是第一家在火星上开设创新在线空间的画廊 - BOCCARA ART Mars Gallery - 2021 年 7 月推出。

BOCCARA ART 洛杉矶画廊专门从事韩国艺术,位于加利福尼亚州南布雷亚,地址为 598 South Brea Lofts, Brea, CA, USA。

自 2007 年以来,在其现任所有者 LIUBOV BELOUSOVA,BOCCARA ART Galleries 在参与我们所在的当地艺术场景方面投入了大量资金。我们鼓励每个画廊在当地寻找艺术家,并与其他分支机构分享他们的作品。


BOCCARA ART at the Art Miami Show, Miami Art Basel Week 2022. Booth #332

Art Miami is the leading international contemporary and modern art fair that takes place each December during Miami Art Basel Week. It is one of the most important annual contemporary art events in the United States, attracting motivated collectors, curators, museum professionals and art enthusiasts from around the globe. Now in its 32nd year, Art Miami remains committed to showcasing the most important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries in collaboration with a selection of the world’s most respected galleries. Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America’s contemporary art fair market. With a rich history, it is the original and longest-running contemporary art fair in Miami and continues to receive praise for the variety of unparalleled art that it offers. It is the “can’t miss” event for all serious collectors, curators, museum directors and interior designers providing an intimate look at some of the most important work at the forefront of the international contemporary art movement.

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