André Lanskoy

André Lanskoy is a Russian painter born in Moscow, who lived and worked in France. He is associated with the New Paris School (nouvelle école de Paris). André Lanskoy studied in Saint-Petersburg and Kiev. He moved to Constantinopole and then to Paris in 1921, where he studied at the Grande Chaumière and decided to dedicate himself entirely to painting. Wilhelm Uhde discovered his work in 1924. After a long period of figurative painting, André Lanskoy dedicated himself to abstraction starting in 1938.

AndréLanskoy是一位出生於莫斯科的俄羅斯畫家,曾在法國生活和工作。他與新巴黎學校(巴黎新學院)有聯繫。 AndréLanskoy在聖彼得堡和基輔學習。他於1921年搬到君士坦丁堡,然後到巴黎,在那裡他在GrandeChaumière學習,並決定全身心投入繪畫。 Wilhelm Uhde於1924年發現了他的作品。經過長時間的具象繪畫,AndréLanskoy於1938年開始致力於抽象。

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