Anton Smit

Anton Smit achieved his first artistic breakthroughs in 1977 when he received special mention in the South African Art Association’s New Signatures competition in Pretoria. Two years later he won first prize in the New Signatures competition. The Pretoria Art Museum named him Artist of the month in 1982. In 1987 he had his first solo exhibition in the Beuster Skolimowski Gallery in Pretoria and in 1989 another solo exhibition at the SAAA.

Since then, Anton Smit has held numerous exhibitions of his sculptures throughout South Africa: Witrivier, Nelspruit, Pietersburg, Johannesburg, Potchefstroom, Durban, Cape Town, and at leading galleries such as the Crake, Kraft, Olivetti, Michaelatos, Beuster Skolimowski, Everard Read and many others.

His work has been exhibited in Rome and Milan, Italy. The M-Net Head Office bought large sculptures, and he completed commissioned works for BMW’s head office in Midrand, South Africa.

In 1994 Smit exhibited 35 sculptures at the Grand Central Station in New York as part of the Strengthening the Link initiative to boost trade between South Africa and The United States, organized by SATOUR in conjunction with the Department of Trade and Industry, represented by former president Nelson Mandela. Smit considers one of the highlights of his career The Age of Grace, an eight-foot-high bronze sculpture at the Grand Central Station which celebrated South African Heritage and was displayed on the front page of The New York Times.

Anton Rupert bought one of Smit’s works for the Rembrandt Foundation. A collection of his work was exhibited during the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela at the Union Buildings in Pretoria in 1994. Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu and ex minister Pik Botha bought some of his sculptures.

Anton Smit’s work has been shown and lauded internationally in places as diverse as Rome and Milan, Italy (1991), Singapore (1993), Bonn and Wolfsburg in Germany (1994), the SA Embassy in Bonn (1998), Amsterdam (2004) and Cologne (2014).

In 2000 he was commissioned sculptures by The University of Pretoria. In 2001 the Rembrandt Foundation in Stellenbosch purchased his works and a large sculpture was commissioned by MNT Developers for the Boardwalk Meander. In 2003 Smit opened his own sculpture garden, the spectacular Anton Smit Sculpture Park in Aqua Vista, with a breathtaking view of Bronkhorstspruit Dam. That the same year, he created the enormous Sandstone Head (2 X 3 meter) for a European art collector.

A selection of his recent landmark art commissions includes the Public Commission for the National library of Tshwane in Pretoria (2007); a large sandstone head and other sculptures commissioned by the Graff-Delaire Wine Estate (2009), the commissioned public sculpture on the R25 Transcendental Head / Kungwini, a symbol of the new South Africa (2012), and a monumental commission for Menlyn Maine in 2014.

1977年,安东·斯密特在南非艺术协会的比勒陀利亚新签名比赛中获得特别提名,从而实现了他的第一次艺术突破。两年后,他在新签名比赛中获得一等奖。比勒陀利亚艺术博物馆于1982年将他评为月度艺术家。1987年,他在比勒陀利亚的Beuster Skolimowski画廊举办了他的第一次个展,并于1989年在SAAA举办了另一个个展。 从那以后,Anton Smit在南非各地举办过多次雕塑展览:Witrivier,Nelspruit,Pietersburg,Johannesburg,Potchefstroom,Durban,Cape Town,以及Crake,Kraft,Olivetti,Michaelatos,Beuster Skolimowski,Everard等主要画廊。阅读和许多其他人。 他的作品曾在罗马和意大利米兰展出。 M-Net总部购买了大型雕塑,并为南非米德兰的宝马总部完成了委托作品。 1994年,Smit在纽约大中央车站展出35件雕塑,作为加强联系倡议的一部分,促进南非与美国之间的贸易,由SATOUR与前总统代表的贸易和工业部合办。纳尔逊·曼德拉。 Smit考虑了他的职业生涯中的一个亮点 - 格雷中世纪,这是一个八英尺高的青铜雕塑,位于大中央车站,庆祝南非遗产,并在纽约时报的头版展出。 安东·鲁珀特为伦勃朗基金会购买了Smit的一件作品。 1994年,纳尔逊·曼德拉总统在比勒陀利亚的联合大厦就职典礼上展出了他的作品集。诺贝尔奖获得者德斯蒙德·图图和前任部长皮克博塔买下了他的一些雕塑作品。 安东·斯密特的作品在罗马和米兰,意大利(1991年),新加坡(1993年),德国波恩和沃尔夫斯堡(1994年),波兰驻华大使馆(1998年),阿姆斯特丹(2004年)等多个地方展示和赞扬。和科隆(2014年)。2000年,他被比勒陀利亚大学委托雕塑。 2001年,斯泰伦博斯的伦勃朗基金会购买了他的作品,并且MNT开发商为Boardwalk Meander委托了一个大型雕塑。 2003年,Smit在Aqua Vista开设了自己的雕塑花园,壮观的Anton Smit雕塑公园,享有Bronkhorstspruit大坝的壮丽景色。同年,他为一位欧洲艺术收藏家创作了巨大的砂岩头(2×3米)。 他最近的一些具有里程碑意义的艺术委员会包括比勒陀利亚国家图书馆Tshwane公共委员会(2007年); Graff-Delaire葡萄酒庄园(2009年)委托的大型砂岩头和其他雕塑,R25超越头/ Kungwini的委托公共雕塑,新南非的象征(2012),以及Menlyn Maine的纪念委员会2014年

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