Ferruccio Gard

A central figure in Programmed Art, Kinetic Art and Constructivism since the 1970s, Gard is one of the leading exponents of new Abstract Art and continues to work in the field of Optical Art.

In addition, famous artists, as well as renowned poets and authors have written about his work. His works are found in important public and private collections.

Gard was born in 1940 in Vestignè (Turin). Since 1973 he lives and works in Venice.

作为20世纪70年代以来程序艺术,动力艺术和建构主义的核心人物,Gard是新抽象艺术的主要代表之一,并继续在光学艺术领域工作。 此外,着名的艺术家,以及着名的诗人和​​作家都写过他的作品。他的作品出现在重要的公共和私人收藏中。 Gard于1940年出生于Vestignè(都灵)。自1973年起,他在威尼斯生活和工作。

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