Hoeger Anton

Anton Hoeger (Anton Franz Höger) is a German painter born 1956 in Munich.

He is a member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, founded by five writers and painters, including Ernst Fuchs.

Although he graduated in the late 70s of the last century, he fully dedicated himself to painting only in 2000. ”Vienna School“, Höger’s artistic origin, is characterized by unreal, dreamy motifs in opulent Mannerist style, elab orate techniques of the old Italian and Dutch masters. Despite the admiration towards the artistic finesse of the old masters and eccentric and dynamic Baroque painting that can be seen as a natural basis of Höger’s art or Malgeschichte. His paintings contain the essence of philosophical, and go beyond the ‘pure techniques’ of his painting style.

Modern artists, such as Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns or Sigmar Polke not only influenced his development, but were also partly interpreted in his work.

Höger’s work deals with social issues, such as the present position of women in the society, or the attempts at the destruction of man manifested by a low-quality TV programme. He also creates thematic corpuses, such as integration, participation and power of the media, as well as rewritings of history. Höger’s paintings are the mirror of our present existence.

Anton Höger’s work should be seen as a part of creative and indicative actualities of our time. In that sense, the deciding factor in his artistic creation full of imagination is not one’s own experience as a consumer of art, but the processes that depend on cognition, which are shown as the essence of truth in modern philosophy.

Anton Hoeger(AntonFranzHöger)是一位1956年出生于慕尼黑的德国画家。 他是维也纳神奇现实主义学派的成员,由包括恩斯特·福克斯在内的五位作家和画家创立。 尽管他在上世纪70年代末毕业,但他在2000年才完全致力于绘画.Höger的艺术起源“维也纳学派”的特点是富丽堂皇的风格主义风格的虚幻,梦幻主题,古老意大利语的精巧技巧和荷兰大师。尽管对古老大师的艺术技巧和古怪的巴洛克式绘画的钦佩,可以看作是Höger艺术或Malgeschichte的自然基础。他的画作包含了哲学的本质,超越了他绘画风格的“纯粹技巧”。 弗朗西斯·培根,安迪·沃霍尔,贾斯珀·约翰斯或西格玛·波尔克等现代艺术家不仅影响了他的发展,而且在他的作品中也得到了部分解释。 Höger的工作涉及社会问题,例如妇女在社会中的当前地位,或者由低质量电视节目表现出的破坏人类的企图。他还创建了主题语料库,例如媒体的整合,参与和权力,以及历史的重写。霍格的画作是我们现在存在的镜子。 AntonHöger的作品应被视为我们时代创造性和指示性现实的一部分。从这个意义上说,他充满想象力的艺术创作的决定因素不是一个人作为艺术消费者的经验,而是依赖于认知的过程,这些过程在现代哲学中被表现为真理的本质。

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