Monique Rozanès

Monique Rozanès, a great abstract artist of the twentieth century, was born in France in 1936. She is a painter, a sculptor and designer.

Her Stratyls, paintings or bas-reliefs are needed very early by the richness of the material, the strange and mysterious appearance of its dark colors, burnt, pearly, the whiteness of the milk or blackness of the ash, sometimes still red clay. Her works are close to a lyrical abstraction tinged with an imaginary architectural approach, which gave his letters from nobility to resin.

MoniqueRozanès,二十世纪伟大的抽象艺术家,于1936年出生于法国。她是一位画家,雕塑家和设计师。 她的Stratyls,绘画或浅浮雕很早就需要丰富的材料,其深色的奇怪和神秘的外观,烧焦,珍珠,牛奶的白度或灰的黑度,有时仍然是红粘土。她的作品接近于抒情的抽象,带有一种想象中的建筑方法,这使得他的信件从贵族到树脂。

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