Mr. Alain Beraud

Alain Beraud is a French net-cubist painter. He takes the quotidian moments of being eating, bathing, reflecting into new dimensions and perspectives. His canvases suggest moods and stories, encouraging the viewer to travel beyond thoughts into the sensory.

Beraud has been shown at numerous art fairs and exhibitions in France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and USA

Alain Beraud是法国网络立体派画家。他把日常生活中的饮食,沐浴,反思到新的维度和视角。他的画布描绘了情绪和故事,鼓励观众超越思想进入感官。 Beraud曾在法国,摩纳哥,意大利,西班牙,香港和美国的众多艺术博览会和展览会上展出

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