Patrick Laroche

French, 6 octobre 1959, Blois, France

Patrick Laroche - a sculpture lover since the age of 15, contemporary artist.

Distinguished as France’s best worker in 1997, he often produces moldings, different enlargements and shortening figures for the majestic Louvre Palace.

The French artist is fascinated by vegetables, he sees them as on open invitation to travel in a magical universe, and reproduces the nature at its very best. The vegetable sculptures converge as well sensuality, a sharp sense of observation and surrealism, only to remain faithful to the original model.

These metal sculptures are based on bronze, stainless steel or solid resin and genuinely covered by silver and varnish projections.

Therefore, this reflection grants the artworks great brightness, recalling the fact of: ‘vegetables are in need of sun exposure’.

The silver-plated peppers attire themselves in blue, when the artichokes undress. All productions are marked by the acronym ‘Vegetables’, a signature illustrating the artist’s passion and an obvious fusion between art and plants.

法国,1959年10月6日,布洛瓦,法国 Patrick Laroche - 15岁以来的雕塑爱好者,当代艺术家。 作为法国1997年最好的工人,他经常为雄伟的卢浮宫制作造型,不同的放大和缩短的数字。 这位法国艺术家对蔬菜非常着迷,他认为这些蔬菜是在一个神奇的宇宙中公开邀请,并以最好的方式再现了大自然。蔬菜雕塑融合了性感,敏锐的观察感和超现实主义,只为了保持对原始模型的忠诚。 这些金属雕塑以青铜,不锈钢或实心树脂为基础,真正由银色和清漆凸起覆盖。 因此,这种反射赋予艺术品极大的亮度,回想起以下事实:“蔬菜需要阳光照射”。 当朝鲜蓟脱衣服时,镀银的辣椒本身是蓝色的。所有作品都以首字母缩写“蔬菜”为标志,这是一个标志着艺术家的激情和艺术与植物之间明显融合的标志。

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