Shai Yossef

Shai Yossef was born in March, 1980. Married, father of three children. Live in Israel in Rosh Ha'ain. ​

He likes to "sculpt" his artworks on the canvas. They are very texuturized, large-scale, colorful and often engage in social values. His original paintings and signed prints are sold national wide and around the globe.

He is an Israeli artist, sculptor and painter based in Rosh HaAyin, Israel. He is known for his oil paintings which are influenced by social issues and the Bible.

Shai Yossef出生于1980年3月。已婚,有三个孩子的父亲。住在Rosh Ha'ain的以色列。 他喜欢在画布上“雕刻”他的作品。它们非常有特色,大规模,丰富多彩,经常参与社会价值观。他的原创画作和签名版画在全国范围内销售。 他是以色列Rosh HaAyin的以色列艺术家,雕塑家和画家。他以其受社会问题和圣经影响的油画而闻名。

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