Xavier Magaldi

Xavier Magaldi (1975) lives and works in Geneva.

The Swiss artist Xavier Magaldi discovered graffiti in the late 80s, interested in this new artistic movement, it essentially will expand its research work on the letter and freestyle. Graffiti has been able to extract energy and the power of the plot.

It is these free art moments of pure creation which will base the foundation of his work on canvas that we called « MecaFuturism ».

After a successful transition from the street to the studio, the artist deepens the mechanical abstract side where there is constantly developing his recognizable style.

Xavier Magaldi(1975)在日内瓦生活和工作。 瑞士艺术家Xavier Magaldi在80年代后期发现了涂鸦,对这种新的艺术运动感兴趣,它基本上将扩展其在字母和自由泳方面的研究工作。涂鸦已经能够提取能量和情节的力量。 正是这些纯粹创作的自由艺术时刻将其作品的基础建立在我们称之为“MecaFuturism”的画布上。 在从街道到工作室的成功过渡之后,艺术家加深了机械抽象方面,在那里不断发展他的可识别风格。

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