Andrew Myers


Born 1979 in Germany, Andrew Myers moved to Spain when he was 6 months old, and moved to Seattle, WA when he was 16. Has resided in Laguna Beach, CA since 1999.

With over 15 years experience as a professional artist, Andrew Myers’s work pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. Andrew strives to create unique, intelligent and original concepts. His work is in major shows and collections around the world.

From the Artist:

“Moments in Color” is a new series I created, where I wanted to play around with color combinations and patterned shapes. As a sculptor first, color was never an element that I focused on, but as the years have gone by, my curiosity with color has grown, and I immensely enjoy the subtleties that color provides as an emotion and a feeling. This new series is all about color, where I use two background colors, and then a gradient complimentary color on the screws. The squares of screws are patterns and shapes, so there’s the movement of high to low and side to side, and I get to play around with color combinations. I wanted something abstract yet structured; that’s the way my mind works.”

1979年生于德国的安德鲁·迈尔斯(Andrew Myers)6个月大时移居西班牙,16岁时移居华盛顿州西雅图市。自1999年以来,他一直居住在加利福尼亚州拉古纳海滩。 拥有超过15年专业画家经验的安德鲁·迈尔斯(Andrew Myers)的作品突破了艺术表达的界限。安德鲁致力于创造独特,智能和原创的理念。他的作品出现在世界各地的大型展览和收藏中。 来自艺术家: “色彩瞬间”是我创建的一个新系列,我想在其中尝试颜色组合和图案形状。首先作为雕塑家,色彩从来不是我关注的元素,但是随着岁月的流逝,我对色彩的好奇心越来越大,我非常享受色彩为情感和感觉带来的微妙之处。这个新系列是关于颜色的,我使用两种背景色,然后在螺钉上使用渐变互补色。螺丝的正方形是图案和形状,因此从高到低以及从一侧到另一侧都有运动,我可以尝试各种颜色组合。我想要抽象但结构化的东西;这就是我的思维方式。”



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