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Antonio Nocera


Antonio Nocera was born in Caivano (Naples), Italy, in 1949. 

He studied at the Napoli Art High School and at the Napoli Fine Arts Academy, attending painting, sculpture and scenography classes. He also took interest the manufacturing of leather, ceramic and all printing techniques.

In the 70s Nocera moved to Rome, Parma and Milan, where he set his first exhibitions. He moved to Venice, Switzerland, France, Belgium and UK, in order to seek new experiences and to follow his curiosity and unstoppable passion for travelling. In the meantime, he created masterpieces in collaboration with international in-situations such as the European Parliament, UNESCO, Onu and Unicef. 

In 1988 he moved to Rome, working with the State Mint Polygraph Institute and with the Parliament. In the following year, the Committee for celebrations of French Revolution Bicentenary officially offered him to set an exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In 2002 he introduced the illustrated book The Adventures of Pinocchio – A Tale of a Puppet in Rome at the Culture Minister. In the same year he inaugurated the exhibition Pinocchio et la Lune at Paris Municipality, then at the European Parliament in Bruxelles, with introduction of Giorgio Napolitano.

In 2003, Maestro Antonio Nocera was received in Castelgandolfo by Pope Giovanni Paolo II, for which he realized the enamels collection Sacred Images. Two years later, under the benediction of Pope Benedetto XVI, he put the sculpture Chirstus Patiens on the altar of Neapolitans’ Holy Ghost Church in Rome and inaugurated the relative exhibition. 

In 2006 he realized a bronze monument for the 50th Anniversary of The Tragedy of Marcinelle Mines, in Belgium. In the same year, he inaugurated his personal exhibition Once Upon a Time..., with more than 150 sculptures, paintings and drawings at the Monumental Complex of San Michele a Ripa, Rome. In 2010 Head of State Giorgio Napolitano inaugurated at Mercati di Traiano (Rome) the exhibition Oltre il Nido (Beyond the Nest).

In 2011 he participated to the 54th Biennale di Venezia (Arsenal, Maiden’s Garden) with an installation. In 2012, invited by Italy Ambassador Antonio Morabito, he put in the Grimaldi Forum Esplanade in Montecarlo an installation titled Oltre il Mare (Beyond the Sea), inaugurated by H.R.H. Caroline de Hanover. In 2013, he set another exhibition entitled I libri d’Acqua (The water books). 

In 2015 he attended Expo Milan with a work regarding the topic of migration, at the exhibition “the Treasure of Italy” by Vittorio Sgarbi. In 2016 he was received by His Holiness Pope Francesco to show his new work about Pinocchio. In 2017 he presents the first volume of his General Catalog to S.A.S. Prince Albert of Monaco.
In 2018 his Pulcinella Artist Book is auctioned at the Niaf gala in Washington. He is currently engaged in the creation of a new cycle of works dedicated to butterflies, as a symbol of freedom and spiritual change. 


安东尼奥·诺切拉(Antonio Nocera)于1949年出生于意大利那不勒斯的凯瓦诺。



1988年,他与国家造币厂测谎研究所和国会一起移居罗马。次年,法国大革命两百周年庆典委员会正式邀请他在斯特拉斯堡的欧洲议会举办展览。 2002年,他在文化部长处介绍了图文并茂的书《皮诺曹历险记》。同年,他在巴黎市举办了展览《皮诺奇与卢讷》(Pinocchio et la Lune),随后在布鲁塞尔的欧洲议会举行了展览,并介绍了乔治·纳波利塔诺(Giorgio Napolitano)。

2003年,教皇乔凡尼·保罗二世(Pope Giovanni Paolo II)在卡斯泰尔甘多尔福(Castelgandolfo)接待了安东尼奥·诺切拉艺术大师(Maestro Antonio Nocera),他实现了珐琅系列的《圣像》(Sacred Images)。两年后,根据本笃十六世(Pope Benedetto XVI)的祝福,他将雕像Chirstus Patiens放在罗马那不勒斯人的圣灵教堂的祭坛上,并为相关展览揭幕。
2006年,他为比利时的马西内尔矿难悲剧50周年实现了一座青铜纪念碑。同年,他在罗马的圣米歇尔·里帕纪念性建筑群中举办了个人展览``从前......'',展出了150多种雕塑,绘画作品。 2010年,国家元首乔治·纳波利塔诺(Giorgio Napolitano)在罗马的Mercati di Traiano展览了``巢穴之夜(Oltre il Nido)''展览。

2011年,他参加了第54届威尼斯双年展(未婚花园,阿森纳)的装置作品。 2012年,他应意大利大使安东尼奥·莫拉比托(Antonio Morabito)的邀请,将由H.R.H.卡罗琳·德·汉诺威2013年,他举办了另一场名为《我的水库》(I libri d'Acqua)的展览。

2015年,他在维托里奥·斯加尔比(Vittorio Sgarbi)举办的“意大利的宝藏”展览中参加了米兰世博会,工作主题是移民。 2016年,他被教皇弗朗切斯科殿下接待,展示了他关于皮诺曹的新作品。 2017年,他向S.A.S.展示了他的总目录的第一卷。摩纳哥的阿尔伯特亲王。
在2018年,他的《 Pulcinella Artist Book》在华盛顿的Niaf联欢晚会上拍卖。他目前致力于创作一系列新的蝴蝶作品,作为自由和精神变革的象征。



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