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Benjamin Shine

Award-winning artist and designer, Benjamin Shine has established a multi-disciplined creative approach dedicated to challenging perceptions through original constructional ideas and craftsmanship. Following his studies in fashion design at Central St Martins in London, Benjamin has spent over a decade exploring the potential of materials to express ideas through his artworks, public sculptures, fashion, furniture, and product designs. Benjamin is most known for his tulle works, which centre on ideas of impermanence, energy and the fleeting moment – each made by pleating and manipulating the delicate material into form with an iron and often generated from a single uncut length of tulle.

Benjamin's Tulle Flows are a continuos single length of flowing tulle, each conveying clarity out of chaos, hence the depiction of faces in states of peaceful meditation.

Benjamin's work has attracted a range of clients encompassing fashion labels, product and interior manufacturers, international Arts and Design institutions such as The Crafts Council, UK and The New York Museum of Arts and Design. Global brands include Givenchy, Barclays Wealth, MTV, Eurostar, Deutsche Bank, Coca-Cola and Google

His 2013 fashion collaboration with Givenchy saw him develop his signature tulle technique alongside Givenchy’s Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci, creating a limited edition series, which blurred the lines between art, sportswear and Haute Couture. Most recently, Benjamin was invited to collaborate with John Galliano for Maison Margiela. The resulting work of couture was shown at Paris fashion week 2017 and received worldwide recognition.

Benjamin has become one of the most wanted artists in NY after his famous installation “Seeing Through The Material” at Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Avenue, New York.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has already acquired Benjamin's works.

屡获殊荣的艺术家和设计师Benjamin Shine建立了一种多学科的创作方法,致力于通过原创的建筑理念和工艺挑战感知。在伦敦中央圣马丁学院的时装设计专业学习之后,本杰明花了十多年时间探索材料通过他的艺术品,公共雕塑,时装,家具和产品设计来表达创意的潜力。本杰明最着名的是他的薄纱作品,其中心是无常,能量和稍纵即逝的时刻 - 每一种都是通过用铁制成的褶皱和操纵精致的材料制成的,并且通常由单个未切割长度的薄纱制成。 本杰明的薄纱流动是一个连续的单一长度的流动薄纱,每个都传达清晰的混乱,因此描绘了和平冥想状态的面孔。 本杰明的作品吸引了众多客户,包括时装品牌,产品和室内设计制造商,国际艺术和设计机构,如英国工艺品委员会和纽约艺术与设计博物馆。全球品牌包括纪梵希,巴克莱财富,MTV,欧洲之星,德意志银行,可口可乐和谷歌 他与Givenchy的2013年时装合作让他与Givenchy的创意总监Riccardo Tisci一起开发了他的标志性薄纱技术,创作了限量版系列,模糊了艺术,运动装和高级时装之间的界限。最近,Benjamin被邀请与John Galliano合作为Maison Margiela。由此产生的时装作品于2017年巴黎时装周上展出,并获得全球认可。 本杰明在纽约第五大道的Bergdorf Goodman举办的着名装置“看穿材料”后,成为纽约最受欢迎的艺术家之一。 纽约大都会艺术博物馆已经收购了本杰明的作品。

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