Cha Yun Sook & Hayeon

Cha, Yun Sook creates her artworks as a way of paying homage to Nature. 

Aware of our civilization’s disregard for Nature, Cha expresses her gratitude to Nature through the mark making process of ink on Hanji paper and textile.

She also celebrates Nature through performance by dressing others in clothes dyed with ink imbued with healing properties meant to lift the wearer’s spirit. In her performance piece, Cha cuts, folds and sews pieces of fabric to drape over a model to complete a one-of-a-kind piece. 

She will interact with audience members by sharing strips of fabric that can be worn or carried as a reminder of our connection to the natural world.


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她还通过表演来庆祝大自然,方法是让其他人穿着染有愈合特性的墨水染色的服装,以提振佩戴者的精神。 Cha在她的表演作品中,剪裁,折叠和缝制布料,将其悬垂在模型上,从而完成了一件独一无二的作品。



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