Cha Yun Sook & Hayeon


Cha, Yun Sook & Hayeon are Korean mother-and-daughter duo artists. They create their artworks as a way of paying tribute to the long history of human devotion to the natural world. 

Aware of our civilization’s disregard for Nature, the Artists express their gratitude to Nature through the mark making process of production of a wide palette of handmade inks, which the further apply on Hanji paper and textile. These natural inks make use of ingredients from our natural environment and celebrate our connection with our natural habitat. 

The history of handmade ink is long. It is a history of art and design itself, of holy office and of alchemy—the healing art that later diverged and brought us the fields of chemistry and health sciences. Different colored inks are extracted from plants, that Cha grows up in her gardens, and create a healing tincture for remedies and ailments.

Cha Yun Sook & Hayeon also celebrate Nature through their performances, by dressing others in clothes dyed with ink imbued with healing properties meant to lift the wearer’s spirit. In their performance, Cha cuts, folds and sews pieces of fabric to drape over a model to create a one-of-a-kind piece, while Hayeon lays out patterns of «Flowers» over the performance space to recreate the beauty of nature.

They interact with audience by sharing strips of fabric that can be worn or carried as a reminder of our connection to the nature.

车润淑&Hayeon是韩国母女二人组艺术家。他们创造自己的艺术品,以向人类对自然界的悠久历史致敬。 意识到我们文明对自然的漠视,艺术家通过制作各种手工墨水调色板的标记过程表达对自然的感谢,并将其进一步应用于汉字纸和纺织品。这些天然墨水利用了我们自然环境中的成分,并庆祝了我们与自然栖息地的联系。 手工墨水的历史悠久。它本身就是艺术和设计的历史,还是神圣的办公室和炼金术的历史,后来成为一门愈合的艺术,并给我们带来了化学和健康科学领域。茶从植物中提取出不同颜色的墨水,Cha在她的花园中长大,并为药物和疾病创造了治愈的tin剂。 Cha Yun Sook&Hayeon还通过表演来庆祝大自然,在穿着染有可治愈精神的墨水的衣服上打扮其他人。在表演过程中,Cha剪裁,折叠和缝制布料,将其悬垂在模型上,从而创造出一种独一无二的作品,而Hayeon在表演空间中布置了“花朵”图案,以再现自然之美。 他们通过分享可穿戴或携带的布条与观众互动,以提醒我们与自然的联系


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