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Chu Teh Chun

China 1920 - 2014

Chu Teh-Chun or Zhu Dequn was a Chinese-French abstract painter acclaimed for his pioneering style integrating traditional Chinese painting techniques with Western abstract art.

He was the first ethnic Chinese member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts of France.

Chu Teh-Chun was born in 1920 in the town of Baitu in Xiao County, which was then in Jiangsu province but now part of Anhui province. In 1935 he entered the National School of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Art) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, graduating in 1941.

In April 1956, Chu painted an oil on canvas portrait of his wife Tung Ching-Chao, which won the silver medal at the Paris Salon. Chu called the painting his “lucky star”, after which his career became increasingly successful. Wu Guanzhong praised the painting as the “Mona Lisa of the East”.

His paintings are now in the permanent collections of more than 50 museums all over the world.

中国1920 - 2014年 朱德群或朱德群是一位中国 - 法国抽象画家,因其将中国传统绘画技法与西方抽象艺术相结合的开拓风格而备受赞誉。 他是法国AcadémiedesBeaux-Arts的第一位华裔成员。 朱德群出生于1920年,位于萧县白土镇,当时在江苏省,但现在是安徽省的一部分。 1935年进入浙江杭州国立美术学院(现中国美术学院),1941年毕业。 1956年4月,朱在他的妻子董清超的画布上画了一幅油画,后者在巴黎沙龙获得银牌。楚称这幅画为他的“幸运之星”,之后他的事业变得越来越成功。吴冠中称这幅画为“东方的蒙娜丽莎”。 他的画作现在已成为全世界50多个博物馆的永久藏品。

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