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Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is an English artist and entrepreneur who is most famous for his artworks of displays of dead animals and medicine cabinet sculptures. With his controversial and sometimes shocking works, he has emerged as one of the best-known artists in Britain.

He was born on June 7, 1965, in Bristol, England, to Mary Brennan into a middle class family, he was a troublesome teenager and was jailed twice for shoplifting. Despite his sometimes-wild behavior, he made his way to college and later studied Art at the University of London.

He celebrated his first success as an artist when he presented dead animals in formaldehyde as an art. His later works include paintings made by spin machines, enlarged ashtrays filled with cigarette butts, monumental anatomical models of the human torso, and medicine cabinets filled with pharmaceuticals.

He became an important figure in the development of Britart, an innovative and revolutionary conceptual art. His body of work comprises of paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations that blur the boundaries between art and science.

Damien Hirst是一位英国艺术家和企业家,他以展示死亡动物和药柜雕塑的作品而闻名。凭借其有争议且有时令人震惊的作品,他已成为英国最知名的艺术家之一。 他于1965年6月7日出生在英国布里斯托尔,玛丽·布伦南成为一个中产阶级家庭,他是一个麻烦的少年,因入店行窃被判入狱两次。尽管他有时表现得很疯狂,但他还是上了大学,之后在伦敦大学学习艺术。 作为一名艺术家,他以甲醛作为一种艺术呈现死去的动物时,他庆祝了自己的第一次成功。他后来的作品包括旋转机器制作的画作,装满烟头的扩大烟灰缸,人体躯干的巨大解剖模型以及装满药品的药柜。 他成为Britart发展的重要人物,Britart是一种创新和革命性的概念艺术。他的作品包括绘画,绘画,雕塑和装置,模糊了艺术与科学之间的界限。

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