Daniel Martin


Daniel Martin (b. 1982, Netherlands) creates his work by the deformation and recreation of matter. He casts his sculptural paintings by the mastery of chance and mistakes. His collage portraits breathe a universe of undiscovered human artifacts and transmutational structures. In his current work, he searches for the transmutational properties of matter. The portraits and sculptures do not have a definite form and posses different realities on how they can be perceived. In order to come to new forms, Daniel cuts up paintings, finds things on the street and uses creations made by others. The loose elements from these endeavours are used as disjointed brushstrokes that are reassembled into coherent shapes, again creating an object which holds no truth in shape.

His work has been published and exhibited nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include the national museum of revolution, Cuba; Duo Phillip Akkerman, Sis Josip Gallery, Den Haag; Havana Biënnale (collaboration with Karang (Karina Alonso); I never lost you, Kunsthuizen, Leiden; Vigour, Den Gallery, Kuwait and Boccara Art Gallery in Mexico.


他的作品已在国内和国际上出版和展出。展览包括古巴国家革命博物馆; Duo Phillip Akkerman,Sis Josip画廊,Den Haag; HavanaBiënnale(与Karang(Karina Alonso)合作;我从未失去过你,Kunsthuizen,Leiden; Vigor,Den Gallery,Kuwait和Boccara Art Gallery in Mexico。


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