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Darryll Schiff


Darryll Schiff (Chicago, 1948)  is an American contemporary artist specializing in photography based in Chicago, Illinois. He is one of Chicago's most influential artists. 

In 2016 the 24 x 56 foot vinyl mural of his photograph “Descending to Heaven” - illuminated photography mural - was installed at the Wabash Arts Corridor (710 S. Wabash), lactated in Chicago’s South Loop.

Schiff pushes the boundaries of what photography can do; using the camera as a tool to paint with, bend and use abstractly rather than as a form of documentation.

Some of Schiff's fine art photography is located in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, George Eastman House, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Norton Simon Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.


Darryll Schiff(芝加哥,1948年)是一位美国当代艺术家,专门研究伊利诺伊州芝加哥的摄影。他是芝加哥最有影响力的艺术家之一。

2016年,他的照片“Descending to Heaven” - 照明摄影壁画的24 x 56英尺的乙烯基壁画被安装在Wabash艺术走廊(710 S. Wabash),在芝加哥的南环路中哺乳。




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