Domingo Zapata


Domingo Zapata (1974) is a Spanish artist, writer, and fashion designer. 

An early 20th-century European modernists, Domingo Zapata draws on daily life as inspiration for his paintings. Zapata is based in New York, and his work exhibits qualities of graffiti art and an interest in popular culture, as demonstrated by his images of female celebrities and works capturing the culture of bullfighting in his native Spain. Zapata’s paintings of toreadors reflect the banal aspects of their lives, depicting them walking dogs or riding bikes in full bullfight regalia. These mundane activities are counterbalanced with the energy and verve of Zapata’s bright colors and red backgrounds. The artist also paints directly onto objects, including chaquetillas—toreador jackets.

In 2017, he launched a fashion collection at New York Fashion Week and also published his first novel, The Beautiful Dream of Life.


Domingo Zapata是一位西班牙艺术家,作家和时装设计师。
多明戈·扎帕塔(Domingo Zapata)是20世纪早期的欧洲现代派画家,他从日常生活中汲取灵感来创作绘画。 Zapata的总部设在纽约,他的作品表现出涂鸦艺术的特质和对大众文化的兴趣,这一点从他对女性名人的印象以及捕捉他的家乡西班牙斗牛文化的作品中可以看出。扎帕塔(Zapata)的书画家画作反映了他们生活中的平庸方面,描绘了他们在完整的斗牛比赛中walking狗或骑自行车的过程。这些平凡的活动与Zapata鲜艳的色彩和红色背景的活力和活力相抵消。艺术家还直接在对象上绘画,包括小木屋(Chaquetillas)-阅读器夹克。





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