Ferruccio Gard


Born in 1940, Vestignè, Italy. Since 1973 lives and works in Venice, Italy.

Ferruccio Gard is one of the pioneers and leading artist representatives of the Neo-Constructivist art, Programmed Art and Optical Art, which he has practiced since 1969. He is considered to be a master of colour, in his painting Gard creates original formal and compositional solutions of forms and colours. Exploring the geometric composition with chromatic and special themes Gards clasps the complexity of black and white and the extremes of the tonal scale of colours.

Gard's work have been the subject of many writers, including Piero Dorazio and Virgilio Guidi, as well as renowned poets art art curators such as Jorge Amado, Andrea Zanzotto and Paolo Ruffilli.

For thirty years (1978-2008) Gard has participated to many solo and group exhibitions with the art group focused on Neo-Constructivist and Knetic art called "Verifica 8 + 1", founded in Venice-Mestre in Italy by painter Sara Campesan in 1978.

In the eighties Gard continued his research on the psychology of visual perception and the theory of form and on the relationships between light, space and chromatism, in 1987 he explored the abstractionism of the new geometry and, in the nineties he investigated the abstract-informal painting.

Gard has participated in more than 150 solo exhibitions in many cities around the world including Beijing, New York, Prague, Brussels, Salzburg and Lienz (Osterreich), Remagen and Saarlouis in Germany, Cordoba in Argentina, Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Verona, Padua, Turin, Bergamo, Cortina d'Ampezzo. The artist was involved in seven editions of the Venice Biennale of Art and at the 11th National Rome Quadriennale.

Gard's work has also been exhibited at several international museums including the National Gallery of Modern Art of Prague in Czech Republic, the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome in Italy, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires in Argentina and at the Latin American Museum of Contemporary Art of La Plata in Argentina and his works are also found in important public and private collections, including the Ca' Pesaro Museum of Modern Art in Venice, Italy and the Satoru Sato Museum in Japan.



费鲁乔·加德(Ferruccio Gard)是新建构主义艺术,程序艺术和光学艺术的先驱和领先艺术家代表之一,他从1969年开始从事艺术创作。形式和颜色的解决方案。用色彩主题和特殊主题探索几何构图,Gards抓住了黑白的复杂性以及色彩的色调范围的极限。

Gard的作品受到许多作家的关注,包括Piero Dorazio和Virgilio Guidi,以及著名的诗人艺术策展人,如Jorge Amado,Andrea Zanzotto和Paolo Ruffilli。

三十年来(1978-2008年)Gard参加了许多个展和团体展览,这些艺术团体关注的是新建构主义和Knetic艺术,称为“ Verifica 8 +1”,由画家Sara Campesan于1978年在意大利的威尼斯梅斯特成立。 。



Gard的作品还曾在一些国际博物馆展出,包括捷克共和国的布拉格国家现代美术馆,意大利的罗马国家现代美术馆,阿根廷的布宜诺斯艾利斯当代艺术博物馆和拉丁美洲博物馆。阿根廷拉普拉塔(La Plata)当代艺术的作品,他的作品也出现在重要的公共和私人收藏中,包括意大利威尼斯的Ca'Pesaro现代艺术博物馆和日本的Satoru Sato博物馆。



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