François Calvat

Francois Calvat is a French artists, born in 1926 in Nice, South of France.

Starting paintings from the age of 17, Calvat never stops searching for new textures and experimenting with different materials.

A prominent figure of both Art Informel, which arose in France during the Second World War, and Abstract Expressionism, its American pendant. His work is complex and innovative. Francois often uses charcoal for his art works.

Since 1940s black has progressively conquered the surface of his abstract paintings, which also incorporated subtle hints of blue and violet colors. The most eye catching is the violet paint finishing.

Francois Calvat是法国艺术家,于1926年出生于法国南部的尼斯。 从17岁开始绘画,Calvat从不停止寻找新的纹理和尝试不同的材料。他的工作复杂而富有创意。 弗朗索瓦经常使用木炭作他的艺术作品。最引人注目的是紫罗兰色涂料。