Gene Kiegel

Gene Kiegel is a New York based interdisciplinary artist with a degree in Environmental Design from a US Berkeley.

His work resembles a collection of extracts from another universe, comprised of biological and geological formations in sculptural format.

Gene Kiegel’s art pays tribute to the beauty found in basal organic reactions. It embodies two core truths: that all matter is molded by the same universal forces, and that there is a pure beauty—an essence—to be discovered in the biogeochemical interactions between elements, specific to their material properties.

The beauty is emphasized through isolation of these phenomena from their native context, and simulation of reaction’s potential through homogeneous application of material’s self-organizational ability.

The use of microcrystalline wax as artistic medium enables the entirely alien emergence of shapes, the uniqueness of which provokes closer investigation. All artwork is purposely left untitled to foster a variety of interpretations driven by viewer’s personal associations, unhindered by the artist’s own.

Gene Kiegel(1974年)是纽约的跨学科艺术家,拥有加州大学伯克利分校的环境设计学位。他的作品类似于来自另一个宇宙的生物和地质构造的集合。 Gene Kiegel的艺术向基础有机反应中的美丽致敬。它体现了两个核心真理:所有物质都由相同的宇宙力量塑造,并且在元素之间的生物地球化学相互作用中发现了纯粹的美 - 一种本质 - 特定于它们的物质特性。通过将这些现象从其本土背景中分离出来,并通过同质应用材料的自组织能力来模拟反应的潜力,强调了美。使用微晶蜡作为艺术媒介可以使形状完全异化,其独特性引起了更深入的研究。所有艺术作品都是故意保留无名字,以促进由观众的个人联想驱动的各种解释,不受艺术家自己的影响。