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Guido Oakley


Guido Oakley is a modern imaginative artist that directs design concepts, computerised innovation and uses exotic materials such as precious metals, gemstones and crystal clear resin to create timeless works of art and radical creations in sculpture.

Guido has an intriguing ability to mesmerise you with his creative genius immersing you in a somewhat Etheral world of beauty and majestic glamour.

An internationally recognised artist with a celebrity catalogue of collectors he understands that Art is an expression of the contemporary aims of the age in which we are all living. Guido is a multifaceted artist and has since studying at Shelley Park & Central Saint Martin’s gained a wealth of creative knowledge, experience & inspiration from both his work and travels….showing his works at the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, London to The princess Grace dance academy, Monaco.

Creating a “Whole” new experience for the body and mind, bringing together the fusion of exquisite sculpture and the undeniably beauty and transforming abilities of crystals and precious stones thus giving birth to the very first of its kind “Healing Art”

圭多·奥克利(Guido Oakley)是一位富有想象力的现代艺术家,他指导设计概念,计算机创新,并使用稀有材料(例如贵金属,宝石和透明树脂)来创作永恒的艺术品和雕塑作品。 Guido具有吸引人的能力,他的创造力使您沉浸在某种以太之美与雄伟魅力的世界中。 作为一位国际公认的艺术家,他的收藏家们名人鼎盛,他了解艺术是我们所有人生活时代的当代目标的一种表达。 Guido是一位多面手的艺术家,自从在雪莱公园和中央圣马丁学院学习以来,他的工作和旅行都积累了丰富的创意知识,经验和灵感……。在伦敦标志性的圣保罗大教堂展示他的作品,参加格蕾丝公主之舞摩纳哥学院。 创造身心全新的“体验”,将精致的雕塑与无与伦比的美丽融为一体,并融合水晶和宝石的转化能力,从而催生了首个“修复艺术”


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