French sculptor and draughtsman, born at Dun-sur-Meuse. Studied painting in Paris at evening courses in the studio of Robert Lesbounit in 1938, and worked and exhibited for several years with a group of fellow-pupils. Executed frescoes and stained-glass windows for the church of Saint-Jacques at Montrouge 1947-9. Settled in 1949 at Choisy-le-Roi and turned exclusively to sculpture. After making abstract sculptures of a crystalline structure c.1955, his forms became lumpier and more organic, with allusions to armour and the human figure, prehistory, space exploration, etc. First oneman exhibition of sculpture at the Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris, 1962; awarded a David E. Bright Prize at the 1964 Venice Biennale. Since 1963 his work has included life-size, rather Surrealistic figures, sometimes interpenetrating with their surroundings or as it were crushed by them, in a violent or erotic way. Has also made a number of marble carvings at Carrara since 1967. Worked in Berlin as a guest artist 1973-4. Lives at Choisy-le-Roi.

法國雕塑家和繪圖員,出生於Dun-sur-Meuse。 1938年在Robert Lesbounit工作室的晚間課程中在巴黎學習繪畫,並與一群同學一起工作和展示了幾年。在Montrouge 1947-9為Saint-Jacques教堂執行壁畫和彩色玻璃窗。 1949年在Choisy-le-Roi定居,完全轉向雕塑。在製作了一個結構結構的抽象雕塑c.1955之後,他的形式變得更加笨拙和更有機,帶有盔甲的暗示和人物形象,史前史,太空探索等。1962年巴黎Galerie Claude Bernard的第一次雕塑展;在1964年的威尼斯雙年展上獲得了David E. Bright獎。自1963年以來,他的作品包括真人大小的超現實主義人物,有時與他們的周圍環境相互滲透,或者被他們以暴力或色情的方式壓垮。自1967年以來,他還在卡拉拉製作了許多大理石雕刻品。1973年作為客座藝術家在柏林工作。住在Choisy-le-Roi。