Jacques Le Bescond

Jacques Le Bescond born in 1945 practiced sculpture from his childhood. Passionate autodidact, he approaches the sculpture through the direct cut, first on wood then on marble before creating his last bronze pieces.

Refusing to be locked into a unique form of expression this artist is constantly exploring new techniques. If his themes of inspiration change, remains the constant search for elegance and serenity. Two of these themes are currently in focus: the couple is one; the other is that of a tribute to the imagination of man through a series of “sculpture books”. This imaginary creative or contemplative that he considers as a treasure essential to the balance and happiness of man.

Jacques Le Bescond出生於1945年,他從小就開始學習雕塑。充滿激情的autodidact,他通過直接切割接近雕塑,首先在木頭然後在大理石上,然後創造他的最後的青銅片。 拒絕被鎖定在一種獨特的表達形式中,這位藝術家不斷探索新技術。如果他的靈感主題發生變化,那麼他們仍然不斷追求優雅和寧靜。其中兩個主題目前是焦點:這對夫婦是一個;另一個是通過一系列“雕塑書”向人類的想像致敬。這種想像中的創造力或沉思,他認為這是對人類平衡和幸福至關重要的寶藏。