Jean-Francois Gambino

Jean-François Gambino was born in Paris in 1966.

He worked more than ten years for Cartier, the famous jewelry designer, on the rue de la Paix in Paris.

In 1997 he learned and discovered through the sculptor Adam Chantal the special technique of clay and patinas obtained from natural pigments. Having mastered the basics of modeling, he switched careers in 2003, becoming an sculptor of animals. His bestiary is composed primarily of African animals.

The spontaneity of his creation reflects the strength, vital energy and intuitive power that each animal must generate in order to survive.

让 - 弗朗索瓦·甘比诺于1966年出生于巴黎。 他在巴黎rue de la Paix工作了十多年,为着名珠宝设计师卡地亚工作。 1997年,他通过雕塑家Adam Chantal学习并发现了从天然色素中获得的粘土和青色的特殊技术。掌握了建模的基础知识后,他于2003年转为职业生涯,成为动物的雕塑家。他的动物主要由非洲动物组成。 他创造的自发性反映了每只动物为了生存而必须产生的力量,生命能量和直觉能力。