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Jean Paul Kala


The refined works of Jean Paul Kala are a real ode to the powerful and authentic nature of his birthplace: North Kivu, where he was born in the 1970s.

The budding artist was drawn to matter and mechanics, and his hands would not hold still – as a teenager, he discovered metal welding and shaping, a revelation that took over his whole being: he became a recognized expert in the field.

The European dream had been a part of his plans for years. In the 2000s, he decided to really don his professional CAP, moving to Belgium where he perfected his technique alongside the best in the field, thereby garnering both his peers' and the most demanding aficionados' recognition.

Probably partly influenced by the ancestral art of Imigongo, a precursor to abstract art, in 2013 he launched his own brand of high-end furniture, R&J, which very quickly acquired notoriety among enthusiasts on the lookout for all things beautiful and exclusive.

Jean Paul Kala's designs stand out due to their organic, elegant, and generous curves – no doubt a product of his African origins. Through his technical mastery, paired with an acute attention to detail, he transforms metal into masterful works of contemporary art.

让·保罗·卡拉(Jean Paul Kala)的精美作品是对他出生地北基伍(North Kivu)1970年代出生地强大而真实的本质的颂歌。 这位崭露头角的艺术家受到物质和力学的吸引,他的手不会停滞不前-十几岁的他发现了金属焊接和成型技术,这一发现占据了他的全部:他成为该领域公认的专家。 多年来,欧洲梦一直是他计划的一部分。在2000年代,他决定真正戴上专业的CAP,并移居比利时,在此领域他将自己的技术与最先进的技术完美结合,从而赢得了同行和最苛刻的爱好者的认可。 Imigongo的祖先艺术可能是抽象艺术的先驱,在一定程度上受到了影响。2013年,他推出了自己的高端家具品牌R&J,该品牌很快就引起了发烧友的关注,因为他们对所有精美而独特的东西一视同仁。 让·保罗·卡拉(Jean Paul Kala)的设计因其有机,优雅和大方的曲线而脱颖而出-无疑是他源自非洲的产物。通过对技术的熟练掌握以及对细节的高度关注,他将金属变成了当代艺术的杰作。



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