Jeon Kang Ok


South Korean Artists, with Master of Fine Art degree from the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne, France. Jeon Kang Ok currently lives and works in South Korea.

Her work resides in permanent collections of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
 / Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, Korea
 / Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
 / Espace Tristant Bernard, Paris, France
 Rennes Municipal Hall, Rennes, France.

«People always dream of flying freely in the sky, — states Jeon Kang Ok, - So Plato referred human beings as ‘wingless birds’. The Balloon Work Series expresses the free will of man who wants to fly into the sky, forgetting the power of gravity and the weight of everyday life. The flying, colored balloons that hang on the objects, want to leave to somewhere unfamiliar, and takes us far and far away in our imagination. The balloons will take us to any strange city we want to go, where there is hope and joy»

法国巴黎第一万神殿索邦大学美术学士学位的韩国艺术家。 Jeon Kang Ok目前在韩国生活和工作。 她的作品保存在韩国首尔首尔艺术博物馆permanent /韩国浦项浦项浦项钢铁艺术馆/韩国杨坪杨平美术馆Museum /法国巴黎Espace Tristant Bernard France法国雷恩市立市政厅的永久藏品中。 “人们一直梦想着在天空中自由飞行,– Jeon Kang Ok说,-因此,柏拉图将人类称为“无翼鸟”。气球工作系列表达了想要飞向天空的人们的自由意志,而他们却忘记了重力的力量和日常生活的重量。悬挂在物体上的彩色气球飞舞,想要离开一个陌生的地方,并把我们带到远方。气球会将我们带到我们想要去的任何陌生城市,在那里充满希望和欢乐»



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