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Jim Dine


Jime Dine is an American painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and poet who emerged during the Pop art period as an innovative creator of works that combine the painted canvas with ordinary objects of daily life.

His early work consists primarily of images on canvas to which three-dimensional objects (e.g., articles of clothing, garden tools) are attached. His reputation was secured during the 1960s by his wittily incongruous painted images of tools, clothes, and other utilitarian and household objects.
He is particularly associated with the bathrobe and the stylized heart. The subject of Dine’s work of the 1970s remained commonplace objects, but he showed a growing preoccupation with graphic media and exploitation of nuances of line and texture.
Jime Dine是一位美国画家,平面艺术家,雕塑家和诗人,他们在波普艺术时期出现,作为创作的创作者,将画布与日常生活中的普通物体相结合。 他早期的作品主要包括画布上的图像,三维物体(例如衣物,园艺工具)附着在画布上。他的声誉在20世纪60年代得到了保证,他的工具,衣服和其他实用和家用物品的图像非常不协调。 他特别喜欢浴袍和程式化的心脏。 20世纪70年代Dine工作的主题仍然是普通的对象,但他表现出对图形媒体的日益关注以及对线条和纹理细微差别的利用。


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