Joseph Marioni

Joseph Marioni is an American artist. Born 1943. He is the painter of liquid light. He is a modern painter working out of the tradition of Ryman and Rothko. For the past 40 years he has practiced the fine art of painting with acrylic paint on linen canvas over wooden support.

Joseph Marioni’s monochrome paintings, with their super-saturated “liquid light” surfaces, embody deep complexities and a visceral intensity.

Marioni believes that color “is the most direct instrument of painting,” and uses rollers, palette knives, and even his fingers to apply multiple layers of paint and create naturally flowing surfaces. His titles are deceptively simple; Blue Painting (1995), for example, is built through layers of superimposed black, ultramarine, transparent, and reddish-blue paint. Marioni’s work speaks to both Minimalist and Conceptualist sensibilities, yet is ultimately a pure celebration of light, tone, and process.

Joseph Marioni是一位美国艺术家。生于1943年。他是液体光的画家。他是一位现代画家,以莱曼和罗斯科的传统为基础。在过去的40年里,他用亚麻帆布上的丙烯酸涂料在木质支撑上练习了绘画艺术。 Joseph Marioni的单色画作具有超饱和的“液体光”表面,体现了深刻的复杂性和内脏强度。 Marioni认为颜色“是最直接的绘画工具”,并使用滚筒,调色刀,甚至他的手指来涂抹多层油漆并创造自然流动的表面。他的头衔看似简单;例如,Blue Painting(1995)是通过叠加的黑色,深蓝色,透明和红蓝色涂料构建的。 Marioni的作品既符合极简主义和概念主义的感受,又最终是对光,音和过程的纯粹庆祝。