Kim Kototamalune

Glass artist Kim KototamaLune creates ethereal sculptures that resemble abstracted organic shapes and faces. She builds delicate glass grids without molds, which she then works into sculptural form and displays in darkened rooms. This presentation allows light to permeate, which both illuminates the sculptures from within and casts dramatic shadows on the surrounding walls.

The artist was born in Vietnam and now lives and works in France, and has studied multiple languages. Cultural identity, the origins of life, and in-between spaces play into her inspirations.  KototamaLune shares with Colossal that she seeks to create an “uncharted territory in order to engage in a silent dialogue with the ‘strangers’ living in us. Those sculptures arise from the will to recover within each of us what is common in our fetal origins.”


玻璃艺术家Kim KototamaLune创造了类似抽象的有机形状和面孔的空灵雕塑。她在没有模具的情况下制作精致的玻璃格栅,然后将其制作成雕塑形式并在黑暗的房间中展示。这个演示文稿允许光线透过,既可以从内部照亮雕塑,也可以在周围的墙壁上投下戏剧性的阴影。
这位艺术家出生于越南,现在在法国生活和工作,并研究过多种语言。文化身份,生命起源和中间空间都会激发她的灵感。 KototamaLune与Colossal分享她寻求创造一个“未知领域,以便与生活在我们身边的'陌生人'进行无声对话。这些雕塑源于我们每个人在胎儿起源中常见的意志。“