Krista Kim


«Light is the new ink»

Krista is the founder of the Techism art movement, which calls for greater interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration between innovators of the Tech industry and artists in order to create a more balanced culture of humanism through the arts in the digital age.
Kim's work is a response to our constant exposure to LED lights through our devices. Her work expresses digital consciousness and questions our current aesthetic principles. She is interested in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures and communication. She is based in Toronto and exhibits regularly in New York and Paris, and in art major fairs worldwide.
Following French fashion brands like Louis Vuitton that has worked with the likes of Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons, Hermès that has partnered with graffiti artist Kongo, or Agnès b. known for its tireless promotion of young artists, Kim has now collaborated with Lanvin, the oldest continuously operating fashion house in France founded in 1889, on its Fall/Winter 2018-19 prêt-à-porter collection presented during Paris Fashion Week. Sharing the Techism philosophy with Olivier Lapidus, the maison’s womenswear artistic director and initiator of the first e-couture label, Kim intends for the new collection to express a vision of what it means to be human in the digital age.
光是新墨水。 Krista是Techism艺术运动的创始人,该运动呼吁在技术行业的创新者和艺术家之间进行更多的跨学科对话和协作,以便通过数字时代的艺术创造更加平衡的人文主义文化。 Kim的工作是对我们通过设备不断接触LED灯的回应。她的作品表达了数字意识,并质疑我们当前的审美原则。她对数字技术及其对人类感知,媒体,社会结构和沟通的革命性影响感兴趣。她的总部设在多伦多,定期在纽约和巴黎以及世界各地的艺术大型展览会上展出。 跟随Louis Vuitton这样的法国时尚品牌,曾与村上隆和杰夫昆斯等人合作过,Hermès与涂鸦艺术家Kongo或Agnèsb合作。 Kim以其对年轻艺术家的不懈推广而闻名,现已与法国历史最悠久,历史最悠久的时尚品牌Lanvin合作,该品牌于1889年创立于巴黎时装周期间的2018-19秋冬成衣系列。与女装的女装艺术总监兼第一个电子时装品牌的发起人Olivier Lapidus分享Techism哲学,Kim打算让新系列表达对数字时代人类意味着什么的愿景。


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