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Léon Zack

Lev Vassilievitch Zack, known as Léon Zack, was a russian painter, who became a French citizen in 1938.

He was born on July 12th 1892 in Nijni Novgorod and died on March 30 1980 in Vanves (Hauts-de-seine).

Leon Zack was a figurative artist until 1946, painting mostly portraits in the same style than that of Picasso’s rose period (double portrait of a men,1931, oil on canvas, Colmar, Unterlinden Museum). Little by little, he became an expressionist. The faces in his paintings are framed by black lined contours. Gradually developed towards abstraction, initially by knife, however, later on he started doing big washings where only nodules remained.

Lev Vassilievitch Zack,被称为LéonZack,是一位俄罗斯画家,于1938年成为法国公民。 他于1892年7月12日出生于Nijni Novgorod,于1980年3月30日在Vanves(Hauts-de-seine)去世。 直到1946年,莱昂扎克才是一位具象艺术家,其绘画风格大多与毕加索的玫瑰时期相同(男人的双重肖像,1931年,画布上的油画,科尔马,Unterlinden博物馆)。渐渐地,他成了表现主义者。他画作中的面孔由黑色衬里轮廓构成。逐渐向抽象方向发展,最初用刀,然后,他开始做大洗涤,只留下结节。

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