Laolu Senbanjo


Laolu Senbanjo otherwise known as “Laolu NYC,” is a Nigerian bred, Brooklyn based performance and visual artist, singer, songwriter, musician, human rights lawyer, and activist. Having started his career in law, Laolu has always sought out to help others reveal their truth. To do this, he navigates in the way that comes most natural to him: through never ending depths of his artwork. After practicing law for 3 years in Nigeria, he moved to New York City where he has devoted his time to being a full time artist ever since. 

Laolu is guided by the idea that all things; be it paper, walls, people, buildings, cars, you name it — are his canvas. By placing his artwork on just about any and everything he can get his hands on, Laolu seeks to leave a part of his art and Yoruba heritage wherever he goes through one canvas at time. 

Laolu has worked with those such as Taraji P. Henson, Lupita Nyongo, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Danielle Brooks, and has had his Sacred Art of the Ori body ritual featured on Beyoncé’s 2016 Grammy award winning “Lemonade”. Laolu has graced the covers of The New York Times alongside having features in The Fader, Vogue, Vice, CNN, BBC, and more. His ever growing list of collaborations currently include those such as Kenneth Cole, Nike, Equinox Fitness, Starbucks, Belvedere, Bvlgari, TED, and many more.

Laolu Senbanjo,又称“ Laolu NYC”,是尼日利亚裔,位于布鲁克林,是表演和视觉艺术家,歌手,歌曲作者,音乐家,人权律师和活动家。在开始从事法律职业之后,老路一直在寻求帮助他人揭露真相的方法。为此,他以最自然的方式进行导航:穿越永无止境的艺术品。在尼日利亚从事法律工作3年后,他移居纽约,从那时起,他就致力于成为一名全职艺术家。 老路以万物为指导。无论是纸张,墙壁,人,建筑物,汽车,您都可以称呼-是他的画布。通过将自己的艺术品几乎可以放到他能拿到的所有东西上,老卢寻求将他的艺术和约鲁巴遗产的一部分留在他每次穿过一块画布的地方。



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