Laurence Jenkell


Born in 1965, Laurence Jenkell lives and works in Vallauris, in the Alpes-maritimes. Self-taught, she started to create on her own in the middle of the 90s. Her artistic research led her to experiment with various techniques such as inclusion, dripping, firing, casting, etc.
After multiple attempts, she successfully mastered and dominated Plexiglas, obtaining the “wrapping” technique, which will allow her to produce the Candy sculpture that has obsessed her for many years now.
That candy allowed her to exorcise devils of her childhood and made her question herself about her own heredity. The artist is going to transform it and work it in various more and more imaginative and dreamlike searches. She shapes it, plays around its structure and its twisting to arrive quite naturally at the spiral of the DNA double helix. Through this new creative orientation, the artist transmits us a little of her own DNA.
Exposed all over the world, Laurence Jenkell began travelling a lot. As one of the most significant projects of the Artists, Jenkell's Candy Nations, a series of oversized candies with the flags of different countries, was first created for the G20 Summit in Cannes, France 2011. In 2018, to celebrate New York City as a world city and capital, Candy Nations arrived on the Garmet District malls on Broadway, as part of installation by the Garment District Alliance and the Arterventions program from the NYC Department of Transportation.
Laurence Jenkell出生于1965年,在Alpes-maritimes的Vallauris生活和工作。自学成才,她在90年代中期开始独立创作。她的艺​​术研究使她尝试了各种技术,如包含,滴水,烧制,铸造等。 经过多次尝试,她成功掌握并统治了有机玻璃,获得了“包裹”技术,这将使她能够制作出多年来一直困扰着她的糖果雕塑。 那种糖果让她能够驱除她童年时代的魔鬼并自己提出她自己的遗传问题。艺术家将改变它并在各种越来越富有想象力和梦幻般的搜索中进行改造。她塑造它,围绕它的结构和扭曲,在DNA双螺旋的螺旋上非常自然地到达。通过这种新的创作方向,艺术家向我们传达了一些她自己的DNA。 劳伦斯·詹克尔(Laurence Jenkell)在世界各地露面,开始了很多旅行。作为艺术家最重要的项目之一,Jenkell的糖果国家,一系列带有不同国家国旗的超大型糖果,最初是为2011年法国戛纳G20峰会创建的。2018年,为庆祝纽约市世界城市和首都,糖果国家抵达百老汇的Garmet区购物中心,作为服装区联盟和纽约市交通部的Arterventions项目安装的一部分


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