Lavinia Yu


Lavinia Yu — Contemporary Ink Painter. Lavinia is a renowned Taiwanese artist, born in 1943, currently lives and works in California, United States.

Ink painting has a very long tradition in Asia. It was used in art and calligraphy, for over 2 millennia. However, in the 1980s, the artists reinvented traditional ink art by adopting influences and practices from the West. Chinese painters started to experiment with the media. That’s how the New Ink Art movement was born. New Ink Art combines contemporary painting with the ancient art of calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.

In traditional ink painting, the brush is more important than the ink, since ink follows the brush to create a line. Contemporary Ink Artists, like Lavinia Yu, separated the ink from the brush, thus introducing the abstract into Ink Art. Creative process includes pouring, splashing and rinsing large areas of ink or even using airbrush application to create figurative forms.

The New Ink Art movement has gained international recognition with both Christie’s and Sotheby’s organizing Contemporary Ink painting auctions in 2013 and 2014 with prices ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars.


Lavinia Yu-当代水墨画家。 Lavinia是台湾著名画家,生于1943年,目前在美国加利福尼亚生活和工作。
在传统的墨水绘画中,画笔比墨水更重要,因为墨水会跟随画笔以形成线条。像Lavinia Yu一样的当代水墨艺术家也将笔墨从笔刷中分离出来,从而将摘要引入到水墨艺术中。创造性的过程包括浇注,飞溅和冲洗大面积的墨水,甚至使用喷枪应用程序来创建具有象征意义的形式。
艺术机构也接受了当代水墨画。 2013年,大都会艺术博物馆在“当代中国”展览中上演了《水墨:过去与现在》。


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