Luis W. Guajardo

As an architect graduated in 1998 from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey I have always had an artistic side. As a painter I have been studying Fine Arts since 2007.

Interiority begins with the idea of experimenting with uncommon materials in my artwork. Initially, glass and mirrors represented a personal journey to my younger self, when looking at my reflection meant becoming the hardest judge towards myself, those times were full of self-rejection. The lack of accepting my true colors affected the concept of who I was, what I thought and what I did in my personal surroundings.

Now, with this artwork, my love for art bound me with my own reflection for many hours. Interiority made me realize how much valor, force and creativity there is in me and in every human being. Through my work, I shaped each piece so that the beholder can appreciate what art and particularly Interiority has taught me, to love oneself.

My intent is to create a profound sensation that makes us reflect towards our Interiority, in our oldest memories, locked within four walls, hiding and listening attentively in order to make things happen. In the end, we realize that we are one, we are a whole. In spite of these elements that represent obstacles, Interiority allows us to see ourselves inside each art piece. Occasionally this represents a challenge, it is hard, but when we become aware of our integrity we achieve to find our true self.

作为一名建筑师,1998年毕业于InstitutoTecnológicoyde Estudios Superiores de Monterrey,我一直有一个艺术方面。作为一名画家,我自2007年以来一直在学习美术。 内在性始于在我的艺术作品中尝试不常见的材料。最初,玻璃和镜子代表了我年轻时的个人旅程,当我看到我的反思意味着成为对自己最难的判断时,那些时代充满了自我拒绝。缺乏接受我的真实色彩影响了我是谁,我的想法以及我在个人环境中做了什么的概念。 现在,通过这件艺术品,我对艺术的热爱使我在几个小时内完成了自己的反思。内在性让我意识到在我和每个人身上都有多大的勇气,力量和创造力。通过我的工作,我塑造了每一件作品,以便旁观者能够欣赏艺术,尤其是内心所教导我,爱自己。 我的目的是创造一种深刻的感觉,使我们反思我们的内心,在我们最古老的记忆中,锁在四面墙内,专注地隐藏和倾听,以使事情发生。最后,我们意识到我们是一体的,我们是一体的。尽管这些元素代表了障碍,但内在性使我们能够在每件艺术作品中看到自己。偶尔这是一个挑战,很难,但当我们意识到我们的正直时,我们就会找到真正的自我。

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