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Beraud Alain
Alain Beraud is renowned contemporary French artist with a long and impassioned career dedicated to photography, painting, and filmmaking. His current suite of neo-Cubist paintings is greatly influenced by 20th century Cubism, and takes the quotidian moments of eating, bathing, and reflecting into new dimensions and perspectives. His canvases suggest moods and stories, encouraging the viewer to travel beyond thoughts into the sensory.
In his early years, Alain Beraud ventured into storytelling and artistic expression through the medium of motion pictures. Beraud traveled the world as a filmmaker for over 25 years, where he reaped experiences that served as inspiration for his art. Photography was Beraud's original passion, which allowed him to capture people, things and civilizations through the many trips he made for the cinema, now translated as symbols found in this paintings. “There are always traces of these many journeys in my artistic work. All these encounters permeate my paintings; where Cubism allows total freedom of interpretation and it is what interests me, pushing back the barriers of creation and telling stories through my paintings.”Alain Beraud creates subtle arrangements in his paintings that rely heavily on color, a characteristic found throughout his Contemporary and Neo-Cubist paintings.
In 2012, Beraud created the Double Art Movement, an alliance between painting, sculpture and light. His new creations had the honor of showing at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Beraud has shown extensively in France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Asia and USA. Beraud has exhibited at major International art fairs including Art Expo New York, X Contemporary in Miami, and Asia Contemporary, Hong Kong. 


阿兰·贝劳(Alain Beraud)是当代法国著名艺术家,在摄影,绘画和电影制作领域有着悠久而热情的职业。他当前的新立体主义绘画作品集受到20世纪立体主义的极大影响,并吸收了吃饭,洗澡和反映新的维度和观点的琐事时刻。他的画布暗示着情绪和故事,鼓励观众超越思想进入感官。
早年,阿兰·贝劳(Alain Beraud)通过电影媒介冒险进行故事讲述和艺术表现。贝罗(Beraud)作为电影制作人环游世界超过25年,在那里他收获了许多经验,这些经验为其艺术创作提供了灵感。摄影是Beraud最初的热情,这使他可以通过他为电影院进行的多次旅行来捕捉人,事物和文明,现在被翻译成这幅画中的象征。 “在我的艺术作品中,总有许多旅程的痕迹。所有这些相遇渗透到我的画中。立体主义可以让人们拥有完全的解释自由,而这正是我的兴趣所在,它通过我的画推开了创作和讲故事的障碍。” -立体画。
2012年,Beraud创作了“双重艺术运动”,这是绘画,雕塑和灯光之间的联盟。他的新作品有幸在巴黎的罗浮宫(Carrousel du Louvre)展出。 Beraud已在法国,摩纳哥,意大利,西班牙,亚洲和美国广泛展出。 Beraud曾在国际艺术博览会上展出过,其中包括纽约Art Expo,迈阿密X Contemporary和香港Asia Contemporary。



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