Mr. Andy Tam

Andy Tam is a Hong Kong Artist, whose new concept of Chinese Ink Art combines the vibrance of the abstract art and the poetic side of traditional ink art. He utilises Ink, arcylic and resin.

"Previous Lives of Ananda" Series - one of the previous lives before ANANDA turned into a five hundred years old stone bridge - is a famous love story of Zen, Ananda : The Guardian of the Dharma; ’Wish to turn into a stone bridge, under five hundred years of wind blows, five hundred years of sun burns and five hundred years of rain wash, only to see her once again.’ Although the Zen story in the end teaches us that all things must change, and we should let go the persistence on everything, family, friends, lovers, etc, Andy thinks it might not be as easy as the tale of ANANDA : it might be as hard as many many lives and suffering as a stone before being picked up by chance, to become one of the stones used to build the stone bridge. We should cherish everything we have and everyone we meet in our lives, because we do not know when we will see each other again next time.

安迪谭是一位香港艺术家,他的新概念中国水墨艺术结合了抽象艺术的活力和传统水墨艺术的诗意。他使用墨水,arcylic和树脂。 “Ananda的前生活”系列 - 在ANANDA变成一座拥有五百年历史的石桥之前的生活之一 - 是着名的禅宗爱情故事,阿南达:佛法的守护者; “希望变成一座石桥,五百年的风吹,五百年的阳光灼伤和五百年的雨水冲洗,只能再次见到她。”虽然最后的禅宗故事告诉我们所有事情必须改变,我们应该放弃对所有事物,家人,朋友,爱人等的坚持,安迪认为这可能不像安达的故事那么容易:它可能像许多人一样艰难,像石头一样痛苦在被偶然拾起之前,成为用于建造石桥的石头之一。我们应该珍惜我们拥有的一切以及我们在生活中遇到的每一个人,因为我们不知道下次什么时候再见。