Noah Kashiani


Contemporary painter and sculptor Noah Kashiani is a provocateur of style and taste. Kashiani utilizes a gem-encrusted fossilization process to stiffen second-hand fabric and clothing pieces, creating unique rigid sculptures from once malleable objects. The result is crystal-covered hybrids of human-made objects and what appears to be a natural mineral-esque coating. The up-cycled materials are reinvented as lavish objects, a testament to high fashion, with natural hues produced from the crystallization of chemicals. The process of growing crystals makes the objects appear as if they have withstood the test of time.

Kashiani’s elegant sculptures exhibit surreal effects, as they appear both fluid and rigid, ancient and contemporary on account of the stunning deployment of sparkling minerals over a cluster of discarded objects made anew.


当代画家和雕塑家诺亚·卡什尼 (Noah Kashiani) 是风格和品味的挑衅者。 Kashiani 利用镶嵌宝石的石化工艺来硬化二手面料和服装,用曾经具有延展性的物体创造出独特的刚性雕塑。结果是人造物体和似乎是天然矿物涂层的晶体覆盖的混合体。升级循环的材料被重新设计为奢华的物品,证明了高级时装,化学物质的结晶产生了自然的色调。生长晶体的过程使物体看起来好像经受住了时间的考验。

Kashiani 优雅的雕塑展现出超现实主义的效果,因为在一组重新制作的废弃物品上惊人地部署了闪闪发光的矿物,它们看起来既流畅又僵硬,既古老又现代。




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