Oswaldo Vigas


Predominantly recognized as a self-taught painter, he also worked in architectural murals, sculptures, ceramics, prints and drawings, Vigas is one of Venezuela’s best-known painters and a seminal figure that validated the cultural heritage of the Americas, affirming the importance of revising his own Latin American roots along with a global perspective in the arts.

From a very young age, Vigas had already begun showcasing his paintings and illustrations and had participated in several painting salons and exhibitions. 

He graduated from the School of Medicine in 1951, although he never practiced. He devoted himself exclusively to his artistic career for the rest of his life.


他主要被认为是自学成才的画家,还从事建筑壁画、雕塑、陶瓷、版画和素描工作, 维加斯是委内瑞拉最著名的画家之一,也是验证美洲文化遗产的开创性人物,肯定了修正自己的拉丁美洲根源以及全球艺术视野的重要性。


他于 1951 年从医学院毕业,尽管他从未实践过。他的余生都专注于自己的艺术生涯。



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