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Pietro Campagnoli


Pietro Campagnoli (Turin, 1994) is a young Italian Artist, a winner of CBM Art Prize 2017 «Under 30 — Premio città di Torino»

His works are in permanent collections of Castello Cova, Milan / Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice / Foundation Spazio Lancia, Torino / Collection Pellion di Persano, Torino / Comune di Torino Collection, Torino.

«As an artist, i always tried to understand and describe human feelings.

I’ve got the Asperger syndrome, a form of autism that gave me a high Q.I. but bad relationship skills.
In the High School i always had problems to understand the toughts of my classmates and how I must relate with them.
With my sculptures I create “casts” with blankets wet with gypsum, placing them on living bodies and waiting for them to solidify.
In these casts I try to reproduce the shape of the human being, like a photograph of the bodies.

My works never have definite faces, because it is impossible for me to understand the emotions of the people, due to my syndrome. They are always empty, because the internal body has evolved and disappeared, and thereis only remained the envelope, like a chrysalis, but now the present individual has managed to overcome and improve his condition. This is a metaphor of my course to understand human feelings.

The individual human represented in the artwork, like a figurehead, remain immovable against the storm. The wind bring him down to the floor, but he doesn’t bend, like a reef against the ocean.
My work is born by the attempt to represent the “individual evolution” and to describe metaphorically my past. I had a lot of social problems in the High School because of my syndrome, and I was victim of the bullies, my artworks remind me that the stormcan be fought and defeat, if an unwavering willpower supports your mind against the lashes of sensitive experiences“ — Pietro Campagnoli.

Pietro Campagnoli(1994年,都灵)是一位年轻的意大利艺术家,曾获得2017年CBM艺术奖的获奖作品《 30岁以下–都灵冠军》 他的作品被永久收藏在米兰的Castello Cova /威尼斯的Bevilacqua La Masa基金会/都灵的Spazio Lancia基金会/都灵的Pellion di Persano收藏/都灵的Comune di Torino收藏。 «作为一名艺术家,我一直试图理解和描述人类的感受。 我患有阿斯伯格综合症(Asperger syndrome),这是一种自闭症,给我很高的Q.I.但是人际关系技能差。 在高中时,我总是很难理解同学们的艰辛,以及如何与他们相处。 通过我的雕塑,我用被石膏润湿的毯子创造了“铸件”,将它们放在活体上,等待它们固化。 在这些演员中,我尝试重现人的形状,就像尸体的照片一样。 我的作品永远不会有明确的面孔,因为由于我的综合症,我无法理解人们的情感。它们始终是空的,因为内部身体已经进化并消失了,只剩下一个外壳,就像蚕一样,但是现在这个人已经设法克服并改善了他的病情。这是我理解人类感受的过程的一个隐喻。 艺术品中所代表的单个人,像a头一样,在暴风雨中保持不动。风把他带到了地板上,但是他没有弯曲,就像礁石冲向大海。 我的作品诞生于试图代表“个体进化”并隐喻地描述我的过去。由于患有综合症,我在高中时遇到了很多社会问题,而且我还是恶霸的受害者,我的作品提醒我,如果坚定的意志力支持你的思想,抵御敏感经历的冲击,这场风暴就可以打败。 -彼得·坎帕尼奥利(Pietro Campagnoli)。



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