René Coutelle

René COUTELLE (Sarthe 1927 – Paris 2012) is a continuation of stonecutters. Attentive to the choice of its materials: marble, onyx, serpentine, alabaster and granite, but also wood, oak, walnut, and exotic woods such as rosewood or ebony. Following Gaudier Bzeska, Brancusi, Zadkine, Manolo, Coutelle cuts freely in materials carrying a force which is that of “their right feeling”. The sculptor adds that with the novels, Caribbean art, African and Cambodian art, he rediscovers a simple poetry to express, suggest primitive and natural beauty from volumes that provide harmony and fullness, density and accuracy. His sculptures are inhabited by a serious and fair song, fervent in unison with his language. He disguises, with modesty, the original interior thrusts transposed into forms that aspire to blossom in space, the receptacle of an ascensional dynamic characteristic of his sculpture. His theme of Torses, Couples, Birds, lends itself to the simultaneous metamorphosis of the respective bodies in a voluptuous movement. The curves emit a vital fluid for a mutation, whose momentum inscribes the natural movements. Slow and subtle waves that are subject to its forms, emerges a poem, sensual, which combines the spirit to the dream, the intelligence of the touch to the musicality of the stone. Lydia Harambourg, Excerpt from the catalog “73 SCULPTORS, Second Biennale of sculpture”, Property Caillebotte, Yerres, 2009.

RenéCOUTELLE(Sarthe 1927 - Paris 2012)是石匠的延續。注意材料的選擇:大理石,on瑪瑙,蛇紋石,雪花石膏和花崗岩,還有木材,橡木,胡桃木和異國情調的木材,如紅木或烏木。繼Gaudier Bzeska,Brancusi,Zadkine,Manolo之後,Coutelle在材料上自由切割,帶來了“他們正確的感覺”。雕塑家補充說,加上小說,加勒比藝術,非洲和柬埔寨藝術,他重新發現了一種簡單的詩歌來表達,通過提供和諧,豐滿,密度和準確性的捲來表現原始和自然美。他的雕塑中居住著一首嚴肅而公平的歌曲,與他的語言一致熱情。他謙虛地將原始的內部推力轉換成了渴望在太空中綻放的形式,這是他雕塑的一種上升動態特徵的容器。他的主題是“馬匹”,“情侶”,“鳥類”,這些主題有助於在一場性感運動中同時變形各自的身體。曲線為突變發出了重要的液體,其動量記錄了自然運動。緩慢微妙的波浪受其形式的影響,出現了一首詩,感性,將精神與夢想相結合,觸覺的智慧與石頭的音樂性相結合。 Lydia Harambourg,摘自目錄“73雕塑家,第二屆雕塑雙年展”,Property Caillebotte,Yerres,2009。