Robert Combas

Robert Combas is a French artist, born in 1957. He brought in the early 80s a new figurative painting. Present on the artistic scene since 1979, he has been the creator of the movement that Ben called “Free Figuration”, movement which brought together Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond, Robert Combas and Hervé Di Rosa. This painting made of freedom, talks about society, violence, sexuality, people suffering, their little happiness, their littleness and their greatness.

Robert Combas gets inspiration from Rock’n’Roll music, popular pictures, childhood books, school books, and all that makes an accessible popular culture. He handles everyday life pictures including historical and mythological references. He cultivates a style inspired from graffiti and comics and creates at times a casual and humorous painting, and sometimes as well violent and sensual.

Although Combas was formally trained in art, his notoriety was gained for his less sophisticated and more direct style of art. His work has always been strongly rooted in depictions of the human figure which are often in wild, violent or orgiastic settings. His canvases are large, and generally unstretched. While his works seem to always have an element of shock, he insists the images are meant to engage the viewer.

Robert Combas是一位法国艺术家,出生于1957年。他在80年代初带来了一幅新的具象画。自1979年以来一直出现在艺术界,他一直是Ben所谓的“自由形象”运动的创造者,该运动将RémiBlanchard,FrançoisBoisrond,Robert Combas和HervéDiRosa聚集在一起。这幅画是由自由,谈论社会,暴力,性,人民的痛苦,他们的小幸福,他们的小和他们的伟大。 罗伯特·康巴斯(Robert Combas)从Rock'n'Roll音乐,流行图片,童年书籍,学校书籍以及所有能够成为流行文化的流行文化中获取灵感。他处理日常生活图片,包括历史和神话参考。他培养了一种灵感来自涂鸦和漫画的风格,有时创作出一种随意而幽默的画作,有时甚至是暴力和感性。 尽管Combas在艺术方面受到了正式的训练,但他的名声却因其不太复杂和更直接的艺术风格而得名。他的作品一直深深扎根于人物形象的描绘,这些描绘通常处于狂野,暴力或狂欢的环境中。他的画布很大,而且一般都没有拉伸。虽然他的作品似乎总是有震撼的元素,但他坚持认为这些图像是为了吸引观众。

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