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Robin Austin


Robin Austin has always been a storyteller – whether earlier in his career, marketing successful global companies, or as the co-founder and creative visionary of Fusion 5, a global branding firm, or now as an artist – creating a rich landscape reflecting images of our shared cultural heritage.

Each signed and limited edition work is a visual celebration of the moments captured in time. The genius of Robin’s art work – is in the exhaustive research that goes into each photo canvas – deftly and artistically composed, which is then “baked” on to aluminum through the process of dye-sublimation. The result – a retelling, a chronicling of the spirit of pop culture. With thousands of images – none alike – you never look at the same image in the same way twice. Each viewing reveals a facet of the story anew. It’s all there: movies, music, fashion, sex, sports, politics, current events – the iconic stuff that shapes our lives.
罗宾·奥斯汀一直是讲故事的人 - 无论是在他的职业生涯早期,营销成功的全球公司,还是作为全球品牌公司Fusion 5或现在作为艺术家的Fusion 5的联合创始人和创意远见者 - 创造一个反映图像的丰富景观我们共同的文化遗产。 每个签名和限量版作品都是对及时捕捉的瞬间的视觉庆祝。罗宾艺术作品的天才 - 正在进行详尽的研究,进入每张照片画布 - 巧妙地和艺术性地组成,然后通过染料升华过程“烘焙”到铝上。结果 - 复述,记录了流行文化的精神。有数以千计的图像 - 没有一个 - 你永远不会以相同的方式两次看同一图像。每次观看都会重新揭示故事的各个方面。一切都在那里:电影,音乐,时尚,性,体育,政治,时事 - 塑造我们生活的标志性事物。


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