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Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born on October 27, 1923, in New York City.

Lichtenstein attended the Franklin School for Boys, a private junior high and high school, and was graduated in 1940. He studied painting and drawing from the model at the Art Students League of New York . He entered Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus in the College of Education. His early artistic idols were Rembrandt, Daumier and Picasso.

He was one of the most influential and innovative artists of the second half of the twentieth century. He is preeminently identified with Pop Art, a movement he helped originate, and his first fully achieved paintings were based on imagery from comic strips and advertisements and rendered in a style mimicking the crude printing processes of newspaper reproduction. These paintings reinvigorated the American art scene and altered the history of modern art.

Lichtenstein’s success was matched by his focus and energy, and after his initial triumph in the early 1960s, he went on to create an oeuvre of more than 5,000 paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, murals and other objects celebrated for their wit and invention.

Roy Fox Lichtenstein于1923年10月27日出生于纽约市。 利希滕斯坦曾就读于富兰克林男子学校,这是一所私立初中和高中,于1940年毕业。他在纽约艺术学生联盟学习绘画和绘画。他进入了哥伦布教育学院的俄亥俄州立大学(OSU)。他早期的艺术偶像是伦勃朗,达米耶和毕加索。 他是二十世纪下半叶最具影响力和创新力的艺术家之一。他最初被认为是波普艺术,他帮助创作的一个运动,他的第一个完全成就的绘画是基于漫画和广告的图像,并以一种模仿报纸复制的原始印刷过程的风格呈现。这些画作重振了美国艺术界,改变了现代艺术史。 利希滕斯坦的成功与他的专注和活力相匹配,并在他在20世纪60年代初期的最初胜利之后,他继续创作了5000多幅绘画,版画,素描,雕塑,壁画和其他以其机智和发明而闻名的物品。

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