Sarah Bachrodt

Sarah Bachrodt is an American artist known for abstract expressionism paintings as well as her work in Interior design.

Bachrodt art works study self-reflection and spiritual discovery through color, movement and line. Her artistic journey is as complex and all-encompassing as her art.

After relocating to Boca Raton, Florida in the mid 1980s, Bachrodt was inspired by tropical Florida landscape.

After a career that took her from Miami, New York, and her native Chicago, to Florence, Italy all throughout the 90’s, Bachrodt temporarily disconnected from the gallery circuit and reconnected to her craft with the desire to make art for the purpose of personal fulfillment rather than self-capitalisation. Bachrodt found creative inspiration in the lush local landscapes. She was enamored by the vivid plant life in her garden and sought to infuse the colors and passion that would come to distinguish her work. Staring into the face of a flower, she studied the ways in which the pigment pooled in its petals, documenting a delicate dance between color and space – a phenomenon she continues to explore, reveal and incorporate in her art today.

With their massive scale, movement and energy, Bachrodt’s works are much more than a “decorative accessory”. Through their broad expressive strokes, rich-layered textures and intricate use of color, Bachrodt’s abstract expressionist works are intuitive pieces to be experienced.

Sarah Bachrodt是一位美国艺术家,以抽象表现主义绘画以及她在室内设计方面的作品而闻名。 Bachrodt艺术作品通过色彩,动作和线条研究自我反思和精神发现。她的艺​​术之旅与她的艺术一样复杂而无所不包。 在20世纪80年代中期搬迁到佛罗里达州的博卡拉顿后,巴克罗特的灵感来自佛罗里达州的热带景观。 在她90年代从迈阿密,纽约和她的家乡芝加哥到意大利佛罗伦萨的职业生涯之后,Bachrodt暂时脱离了画廊巡回演出并重新连接到她的手艺,希望为了个人成就而制作艺术品。而不是自我资本化。 Bachrodt在郁郁葱葱的当地景观中找到了创作灵感。她被她花园里生动的植物生活迷住了,并试图注入区分她的作品的色彩和激情。盯着花朵的脸,她研究了色素在花瓣中汇集的方式,记录了色彩和空间之间的微妙舞蹈 - 这种现象在今天她继续探索,揭示和融入她的艺术中。 凭借其巨大的规模,运动和能量,Bachrodt的作品不仅仅是一个“装饰配件”。通过他们广泛的表现笔触,丰富的层次纹理和错综复杂的色彩运用,巴克罗特的抽象表现主义作品是直观的作品。