Sasha Frolova


Sasha Frolova (1984) is a Russian sculptor and performance artist. She specializes in inflatable latex, creating elaborate sculptures and costumes made out of the colorful stretchy material.

While Frolova's colorful, orb-laden structures have been on view everywhere from outside gardens to the interiors of modern buildings all around Russia, her art has now garnered worldwide attention.

In 2020 Moscow Museum of Modern Art presented Fontes Amoris - a solo exhibition of Sasha Frolova.


Sasha Frolova(1984)是一位俄罗斯雕塑家和表演艺术家。她专门研究充气乳胶,用色彩丰富的弹性材料制成精美的雕塑和服装。


2020年,莫斯科现代艺术博物馆展出了Fontes Amoris-Sasha Frolova个展。




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