Serge Charchoune

Serge Charchoune, Russian Sergey Ivanovich Charchoun, is a Russian painter and poet born August 4, 1889 in Bougourouslan, Russia, and died November 24, 1975 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. Between 1900 and 1905, he studied at the Simbirsk Business School and began to take an interest in painting at the same time. Called to the army, he deserted in 1912 and went to Berlin, then to Paris where he enrolled in the Russian Academy of Mr. Vassilieva and the academy La Palette. In 1914, when the war began, Charchoune went to Barcelona and became fascinated by the geometric patterns of Spanish tiles. In the 1920s, he attended the Dada Festival in the Salle Gaveau and attended the meetings of the Dadaists at the Certá café located at the Opera. He also took part in the Dada demonstrations, notably the “Barrès trial” organized by André Breton in May 1921 and was interested in R. Steiner’s anthroposophy. In Berlin in 1922 he exhibited a new series of paintings which he called “ornamental cubism”. In the 1940s, his work became more and more abstract and bare. He turns to the theme of water and makes a series of monochrome paintings. From 1950 until the end of his life, he continues to work on the principles of abstraction through music. He is also the author of the novel Dolgolikov and many prose texts. His work has been exhibited in France and Russia.

Serge Charchoune,俄羅斯謝爾蓋伊万諾維奇Charchoun,是俄羅斯畫家和詩人,1889年8月4日出生於俄羅斯Bougourouslan,於1975年11月24日在Villeneuve-Saint-Georges去世。 1900年至1905年間,他在Simbirsk商學院學習,並開始對繪畫產生興趣。他被稱為軍隊,於1912年離開,前往柏林,然後前往巴黎,在那裡他就讀了俄羅斯學院的Vassilieva先生和La Palette學院。 1914年戰爭開始時,Charchoune前往巴塞羅那,對西班牙瓷磚的幾何圖案著迷。在20世紀20年代,他參加了Salle Gaveau的達達節,並參加了位於歌劇院的Certá咖啡館的達達主義者會議。他還參加了達達示威活動,特別是安德烈·布雷頓於1921年5月組織的“Barrès試驗”,並對R. Steiner的人類學感興趣。他於1922年在柏林展出了一系列新的繪畫作品,他稱之為“觀賞立體主義”。在20世紀40年代,他的作品變得越來越抽象和光禿禿。他轉向水的主題,並製作了一系列單色畫。從1950年到他生命的終結,他繼續致力於通過音樂進行抽象的原則。他也是小說Dolgolikov和許多散文的作者。他的作品曾在法國和俄羅斯展出。