Serge Mendjisky

Serge Mendjisky was born in 1929 in Paris. His father, Maurice Mendjisky, was a painter from the School of Paris, this is how Serge became acquainted with the world of arts since childhood. After completing his studies at the School of Fine Arts of Paris, he soon became a recognized artist and his work was exposed in Europe, Japan and the United States. He used photography to make his preliminary studies in painting. By decomposing and recomposing the horizons of some of the most famous cities of the world like New York and Paris, Serge Mendjisky creates new urban landscapes which put into question our perceptive faculties. Volumes, lights and colors create different visual rhythms which create new connections between time and space. Through Serge Mendjisky’s creativeness, Broadway becomes an explosion of colored lights, while New York “Down Town” poetically waltz to the sounds of a cello. Recognizable cityscapes are redefined and their reality is reformulated by becoming three-dimensional. The work of Serge Mendjisky is represented in public collections as well as private, including the ones in the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, the Museum of Art of Philadelphia and the Museum of Fine Arts of Pushkin in Moscow.

Serge Mendjisky於1929年出生於巴黎。他的父親Maurice Mendjisky是巴黎學院的畫家,這就是Serge從小就熟悉藝術世界的原因。在巴黎美術學院完成學業後,他很快成為了一位公認的藝術家,他的作品在歐洲,日本和美國曝光。他利用攝影作品進行繪畫初步研究。通過分解和重新組合世界上一些最著名的城市如紐約和巴黎的視野,Serge Mendjisky創造了新的城市景觀,這使我們的感知能力受到質疑。體積,燈光和顏色創造出不同的視覺節奏,在時間和空間之間創造新的聯繫。通過Serge Mendjisky的創造力,百老匯變成了彩色燈光的爆炸,而紐約“唐人街”則用大提琴的聲音抒情地跳華爾茲。可識別的城市景觀被重新定義,它們的現實通過變得三維而重新形成。 Serge Mendjisky的作品在公共收藏和私人收藏中展出,包括巴黎現代藝術博物館,費城藝術博物館和莫斯科普希金美術博物館。